Aloha rag sale!!

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. Apparently aloha rag's having a sale- 50% off!!

    I emailed to see if balenciagas qualify,

    here's their excluded list:

    *f/w '05
    *Wouters & Hendrix gold collection
    *Chloe bags
    *Comme Des Garcons Wallets
    *Golden Goose Spring Summer 06 items
    *Tsubi bottoms and accessories
    *De Couture bags
    *Billy Kirk leather accessories
    *Black Ring denim
    *Mike & Chris
    *Luis Morais
    *Lena Wald
    *Loree Rodkin
  2. OMG, so does that mean b-bags are 50% off?!?!...if so, i've gotta get on the phone w/them now, since i just bought a bag there last week :Push:
  3. No bbags except some suede ones is what they told me.
  4. Yeah, none of the moto line is on sale.
  5. phew, i'm just on the phone with them now, i almost fainted!!!
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