Aloha Rag Sale!

  1. What does everyone think, will there be some good Chloe bargains to be had? :heart:
  2. There are always GREAT sales at AR!
  3. Oooh, I love aloha rag sales! This past summer I got one of my all time favorite paddies (a tweed paddy) at an aloha rag sale for something like 60% off. They ship really quickly too. Yay!:yahoo:
  4. Thanks for the notice!!
  5. I couldn't find any Chloe items on sale?
  6. It starts on the 28th!
  7. looking forward to that sale, thanks!!!!!

  8. Gosh..multitasking here, still waking up, on tPF and a conference call.......:confused1:
  9. Wayyyy past my bedtime here. [​IMG] Just thinking to myself ... how cute is that orange patent coin purse on AR? :graucho:
  10. stupid time difference... 5pm hawaiian time is about 3am here :sad:
  11. Does anyone know from past sales if AR will have any bags that aren't pictured on their website in their sale? Thanks.
  12. Not that I can remember!
  13. I don't think they do. There used to be this great SA there and he would communicate well but he went back to Japan. I have bought two bags from them and I am still not a member! I think I should be and get the extra discounts but I never hear from them. I think I'll just go inspect the site right now....
  14. ^^thanks girls. I don't see much that excites me on the website. Thank Goodness!! I'm seriously in trouble already.:yes: I am worried about the Net-a-Porter sale though.
  15. The NAP sale was AMAZING last year too...50% off paddies and then soon after AR did the same was a very tough to resist!