Aloha Rag Sale

  1. Got an email from Aloha Rag about a sale of their spring/summer collection items. Email says:

    "The sale will start at around 5pm on Monday September 17… so keep an eye
    on our sale pages!.....

    Now don't forget to check our Sales Pages tomorrow, Sept. 17th around
    5pm Hawaii time!!"

    Doesn't say what brands are going to be in the sale though. Happy shopping! :yes:
  2. Thanks!
  3. Good to know, thanks!!!
  4. what time is in london when it is 5pm hawaii?
  5. It's currently 7am in Hawaii. That means 10 hours to 5pm, so that's 4am London time?
  6. I think Hawaii is 6 hrs behind eastern time so it would start at 11:00 pm in the eastern time zone, right?
  7. Yeah you all are right. :smile:
  8. thanks!!
  9. Thank you. It shouldn't be rocket science but I make myself nervous with numbers.
  10. Eh -nothing really tempting me right now.
  11. me neither......
  12. Yeah, just checked out the sale. Nothing eye catching imo.
  13. same here....thank God!
  14. I second that:yes:!!!
  15. The Thomas Wylde tank dress is tempting me but I think I can resist. I'm so proud of myself!:rolleyes: