Aloha Rag Report

  1. as of 19 Sept 06 as best I can recall

    Blue India-first
    Sapin- city, work, first
    Blueberry-part time, hobo (GORGEOUS LEATHER ON THIS ONE)
    Grenat- classique, city (GORGEOUS LEATHER ON THIS ONE)
    Greige- work, twiggy
    caramel/butterscotch - classique (this color should be called yellow ochre, beautiful)
    b&w tapestry- hobo
    black- bowling (GORGEOUS LEATHER ON THIS ONE)
    rouge vif-classique, purse (beautiful!!!!)

    whistle bags- blueberry, rouge, black
    small hook bags- lilac, white, black, tapestry

    coin purses-ice blue, pony several colors, grenat, sapin
    compagnon- grenat
    several small wallets in the new fall colors
  2. 0o0o0o BLUE INDIA - in a first... 0o0o0o0o0o

    thanks for the up-date :smile:
  3. it's beautiful... I'm so not a blue bag girl and I was all *swoon*-ing all over in the bbag corner (which is getting more and more hidden behind racks of clothes each time I go!)
  4. Oh , I want I want greige twiggy, grenat city grrrh.
    Calm down Cat.Oh I hate the word budget.
  5. Was the black bowling the large or mini? Thanks!
  6. Blue India First...darn...the First is just too small for me...gave my Ink one to my daughter...anyone like the part time? Thinking it may be a must have...
  7. I think it was the large bowling zacorey... it was pretty big, about the size of the purse, but more rectangular.

    also wanted to add they had a whole table of chloe boots, flats, heels, bags and accessoriess. they've never been in a pile like that before- so either they got new chloe stock in, or the chloe stock is one sale. I was literally running in and out and well, dont like chloe, so I didnt think to check. might want to give them a call if you're interested!
  8. Anyone know what Aloha Rag have in stock? I am looking for a blueberry first & not sure if they have a lot in stock with nice leather. Anyone know?
  9. Mocean - what was your opinion of the part-time style?
  10. the blueberry on display was pretty, kind of too smooth for my tastes, but i liked the shape of it for a handheld bag. it was a little cumbersome with the shoulder strap on, a little long and wide for my frame. I thought it was a nice shape- definetly smaller than the work, wider and deeper than the city, but about the same height as the city, the handles fit over my shoulder (well they all do actually) I think the handles might have been a little longer, but not like the purse's handles longer. I liked it especially because the work is about an inch or so from the ground for me when I hold my hand with my arm all the way down, but the part-time is shorter and so is a little farther from the ground, but still can hold a lot of stuff.

    it's also a little more structured than the city, but that's to be expected with the seam on the front I think.

    hope that helps!
  11. mocean....
    did you get the BI?
  12. They also got white City bags in. I know because my Mom just ordered one. :yes:
  13. nope! I'm so broke right now. so, yeah- I can't afford to pick up a BI even if it is gorgeous and *gulp* incredibly tempting... wish I could though!

    I really need to stop buying good deals and concert tickets. *slaps wrist*