Aloha Rag Report

  1. So I hit up AR today, just before closing. There wasnt any parking, so I had to park illegally, so I didnt have much time in there...

    But here is what I saw...

    TONS OF NEW COLORS!!! HOLY :censor: !

    They had in the new Fall colors:

    Cities: truffle, greige, black, white
    Firsts: grenat, greige, truffle, black, white (soo yummy) and red (also yummy)

    leathers are sporatically better, some still shiny and veiny (grenat/truffle/greige/black) and some thick and smooth (white and red), not much in between- the SAs seemed confused by the extemes in the leather... dont blame them! i like the smooth leather, but I think it needs a lot of use to get it to have the VINTAGE, DISTRESSED LOOKS we all know and love. Why buy a bbag that looks like its right off the line? i want mine to look loved...

    next week they'll be getting in the larger sizes in the fall colors- no word on the winter colors yet...

    It was really fabulous to go in there when they were unpacking boxes- right in the open... never seen that before. like Xmas for a bagaholic! well anyway, my interpretation of the colors is as follows:

    the most recent pics are very accurate...
    red - gorgeous, pure red
    grenat- same as bordeaux, different colored thread
    truffle- a brown with green undertones- very pretty IMHO
    greige- light grey with a little brown- aka dove grey (was not impressed in person, huge surprise to me!)

    (note: no blue roi or sapin to be seen...)

    black- better than the other 06 blacks i've seen, but not 05 leather (def no 04 leather)
    whtie- super smooth and solid and pretty... of course as expected.

    SPRING 06:
    b&w tapestry - courier and day
    lilac- assorted
    emerald- assorted
    rouille- assorted
    linea metallica- pale rose
    ink- aulmonaire (or whatever...), first
    hook bag- black (super shiny & hard though)

    The SA told me maybe Bal was redoing the same colors b/c of their certain popularity the season before... rouge=red, grenat=bordeaux and so on. Oh well! i hope spring is more fun! otherwise... its only eBa and thats just so depressing!

    OK, well I just got home from dancing and singing all night (6 am here..) so I'm off to bed! night night! :lol: :angel:
  2. mocean, thank you so much for the report!:flowers: the large size fall colors are next week?! yay! that means my rouge city will be coming.:yahoo: :yahoo: i'm so glad to hear that the leather on the red is yummy.:love: i can't wait! i would have love to see the openning of the boxes. did you get anything?
  3. Mocean! Thank you, that's what I thought about the leather - I wanted to see it in person, but knew it wasnt the same as 'the old' leather.

    I think it's so cool they're doing generational leather - first generation, second, and now third! :smile: it's fun! Makes every season unique :lol: lol.
  4. Ok, dumb question about the white. Is it bright white, grey white or blue white - lol.

    I want a white work sooooooooooooo badly
  5. Hi livethelake,
    That is totally not a dumb question! All whites are not alike. I'm curious too!
  6. I have a white bag. It is a soft and mellow white. It is not a bright white. HTH
  7. Thanks for the update! This just makes me want a red one even more...
  8. Hey guys- no problem! ;)

    I'm sooo excited about the larger sizes in red! its such a great color, not at all pink or wine, just pure straight shot red. I'm totally stoked about it! I changed my mind SO FAST there (from greige to OMG RED!) but I'ma gonna hafta wait until its actually Fall to get a city... hope there is one left for me then! :cry: so pretty though!

    The white I saw was a soft white, not cold or beigey (like some previous seasons) just a very nice chalky white, and the leather was real nice on the first I saw! The black on the other hand was a new type of leather I havent seen before, wrinkley, with that frosted donut look to the leather, but with texture all across the bag. Its hard to describe... but they have black cities in! Its definetly a color that really made me go wow... but the different texture was a little- mehhh.
  9. So the black City that they just got in are crinkly and shiny like the early 06 leather? :cry:
  10. Thanks for the report, mocean! :smile: All these reports of the thick lovely leather on the rouge vif is making me really want one...
  11. the leather on the black one i saw wasnt like any leather i've ever seen before.

    haha its so hard to describe... not hard, shiney, veiney and marbeley like the S/S06 ones, but sort of flakey, textured, and thin with a glaze. hard to descibe the texture. there was a distinct texture of the skin evidenced.
  12. mocean - thanks so much for the up date... o0o0o, i hope that Blueberry comes in soon!!!
  13. Wah! I want to see them all!!
  14. thanks so much for the update. i must call today.
  15. Iris- The new black that I held, a work, it was almost a greyish black, super FLAT smooth, and the side panels were the earlier 06' crinkly veiny leather.
    this wasn't at Aloha Rag though ;)