Aloha Rag Question (Chloe Paddington)

  1. My parents have agreed to buy me a Chloe Paddington for Christmas. I told my Dad to email the people at Aloha Rag, per the instructions located on the page of the bag I want. I think he emailed them on Tuesday, and he still hasn't heard back.

    For those of you who've shopped at Aloha Rag, (esp for Paddington's), how long did it take for them to contact you?

    Has anyone had any luck calling them? I gave my Dad the phone number, since they haven't yet responded to his email.

    Also, if you've bought a Pad. from AR, what sort of documentation did they provide you? Thanks!!
  2. I know the AR do take a while to get back to you. I find this unacceptable actually, as the bag is expensive and customer services should be impeccable.

    I can wholeheartedly recommend Net-A-Porter. They have a US site now too, which should eliminate the customs problem. They will not take over 3 days to get back to you, and the packaging is devine :smile:

    good luck, I hope you get the bag of your dreams.
  3. Thanks Chloe-babe! Yeah, I'm getting a little ticked off. That's an expensive bag, and taking a few days to reply (if they do!) is unnacceptable CS. I'll try NAP. :smile:
  4. AR seems to be inconsistent about it, but more times than not, they get back to me the next day. I know exactly what you mean though because one time they didn't respond at all (and they lost that sale). I'm not sure but I think they're a fairly small operation and can get overwhelmed easily like when they get their new stock of Balenciagas. :P I will say that once they do get to you, their customer service is outstanding. I have ordered twice and my transaction was super smooth, and Jumpei (not sure if he's the owner or not) is a very nice man. Overall I'd say my experience with AR was easier than NAP.
  5. Don't give up on AR. Like Glimmer says, they are a small operation; but they still should have gotten back to you. I would call them - I have used Jumpei as well as Yokino. Free shipping and no tax is an added benefit. Keep trying - it is worth it.