Aloha Rag - PDF after 12/27/06? Selling 06 or 07 bags?

  1. Does anybody have a pdf from Aloha Rag dated after 12/27/06? And does anybody know if they are selling 06 and/or 07 bags? I want to order a white city and have heard the 07 leather is softer than the 06.
    Thanks in advance!
  2. This is what they have in GH:
    City: Black, Truffle, Marine, French Blue
    Day: Black, French Blue, Vert Gaze(Grass Green), Rouge
    Brief: Black, White, Cafe, Marine

    Good luck!
  3. Here's what they have from the previous season:
    First: Black, White, Blue Roi, Grenat, Emerald, Marron, Sapin, Rouge Vif
    City: Black, White, Emerald, Rouge Vif, Sapin, Grenat
    Work $1385: Black, Grenat
    Work $1275: Blue, Emerald
    Twiggy $1095: Blue India, White, Rouge Vif, Sapin
    Twiggy $1055: Emerald
    Day: Blue Roi, Sapin, Emerald, Grenat
    Box $995: White, Rouge Vif
    Box $985: Rouille, Emerald
    Weekender $1495: Black, Greige, Grenat, Sapin, Camel, Marron, Rouge Vif
    Weekender $1385: Blue
    Part Time: Black, Sapin
    Purse: Marron, Greige, Emerald
    Mini Coin Purse: ICE BLUE!!!, Camel, Denim

    OK, that's the brief/short list, things might have changed since I got the pdf though, best email them and ask.