aloha rag is sending my camel city!!!

  1. :yes: hello everyone! i know you haven't met me, but I jewels from Tennessee and I just received confirmation that I am getting my city in camel. I am so excited! i have never even seen a BB in person, just loved the look. What do you think of the new camel shipments? Hoping some of you have seen them. Thanks Jewels
  2. Congratulations, I can't wait to see pictures when you get it! I've seen the color IRL, and it is quite lovely and very versatile!
  3. Thanks!! Would you say that it is lighter than the "caramel"? Do you like this years leather? Listen to me....I want to know if you like "this years" leather and I haven't even touched one yet. That's another thing, I have seen several people write that they can't understand ordering without seeing and touching; I live ATLEAST 5 - 6 hours from any place selling BB; this is my only way to find out. Reading the threads from this site have helped alot!

    One quick question: If I treat my bag with Apple Garde, will it really be o.k. with rain (light rain, under my coat!!) I am terrified of hurting this bag or not taking care of it properly. thanks jewels
  4. I've bought all of my b-bags without seeing them in real life, and it hasn't backfired on me once. This year's leather doesn't have the best reputation, but I've owned one '06 bag and I used Lubriderm lotion on it to make it softer. I think this years leather is totally fine and it has a lot more variation and "personality". I've never used AppleGarde, but many people on here have had a lot of success. I haven't treated my bags with any protectant and they survived the rain just fine, and I lived in Seattle. The leather just darkens when it gets wet, but it dries back to its original condition in my experience. I hope this helps!
  5. Congrats julielive!!! Welcome to the PF! You gotta post pics of your bag when you get it! :heart:
  6. I just bought the fall/winter '06 "camel/light caramel" Day Hobo bag and it is magnificent! The color is best described as butterscotch. I had 5 to choose from at Neiman's, so I was able to choose the one with the leather I liked best. Some were veinier than others. I haven't Apple Garded this bag and I don't plan to. I did Apple Garde my white First, because I was worried about it getting all gray and dirty.
  7. Hi Julie and welcome to the forum. I love camel, caramel colored bags and I bet it will be beautiful. Post pics here when you get it. :smile:
  8. Welcome to the PF!!! and esp. to the B-Bag part... Congrats on your CITY!!!
  9. :yes: Thanks everyone for all the good info. and for being so friendly; will post pics when arrives. thanks again. jewels
  10. :yes: Thanks everyone for all the good info. and for being so friendly; will post pics when arrives. thanks again. jewels[/quote]
  11. All the Bbags I've seen in the camel were stunning!!! I love the color! It's beautiful!!!!
  12. Hi Julie, I'm new here also! Havent seen the camel, but it sounds lovely! Post pictures!
  13. oooh!! What's up from Tennessee, (points to where I'm from) lol I think that makes two of us on this board now. Welcome and congrats on the new bag!!!
  14. Welcome and Congrats on your new Camel City! I've seen this year's fall 06 Camel in the City and it was gorgeous! The leather was thick and smooth. I loooved it. it had a nice yellow ochre-ish butterscotch caramel color. I've heard there is a lot of variation in color, though, but all are beautiful. I'm sure the one you will get will be gorgeous! Please post piccies when you get it!:heart:
  15. Congrats Julie !!!
    We 're waiting pics :smile: