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  1. Has anyone e-mailed Aloha Rag recently for an updated list of their stock? If so, can you e-mail it to me? I'll PM you my e-mail address. I would e-mail and ask for it, but I'm impatient and want to see what's available :shame: :p

    Thanks! :nuts:
  2. I got one on Friday. Is that current enough?
  3. So what is available? In the City??
  4. PMing you now.... :nuts:
  5. I'd :love::love::love: to see this also!
  6. In the city there was white. pink, blue, ink and lilac.
  7. Sanguar I emailed you just now :nuts:
  8. White!!! :love: Oh dear, this is bad news :shame:
  9. And sent to both of you!!! Hope you get what you want :smile:
  10. 0o0o0o, i just love the green!!! :smile:
  11. :amazed: You too Christina,
    thats also the one I'm thinking really seriously about:push:
  12. Thanks to both of you who sent me the AR PDF! :love:

    ranskimmie - Heh, I can't stop thinking about a white city :love:
  13. Thanks Sanguar!!!! I loooove the blue! But still eyeing that Cognac one in city.
  14. Cristina - a white city would be sooo haute. (like my use of fancy word. :p ).

    I think the leather is easy to clean - I have been an apple garde cleaning machine with my calcaire and ice blue. The leather is not porous.

    Remember Dodge Ball (the movie)?

    DO IT - DO IT - DO IT
  15. *jumps up and down* i'm with loganz you should totally do it! :love:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.