Aloha Rag End of Year Sale! 11/28/07

  1. It's finally here!! Our END OF THE YEAR SALE at will
    begin Nov. 28 around 5pm, Hawaii Standard Time.

    For this sale event our '07 Fall/Winter merchandise (some exclusions
    will apply) will be 40% off. Sale items included in this event will
    display a discount icon on the product photo shown on the Designer's
    Collection Page or on the Category Page. Sale prices will be shown in
    red on the individual product pages.

    *Items without the discount icon are excluded from this sale. We
    would appreciate it if you could refrain from contacting us to
    confirm prices for non-sale items or ask if and when an item will go on sale.
  2. hmm wonder if any balenciagas will go on sale....
  3. bump;);)
  4. I asked just in case-they emailed me back and said that they weren't. oh well...:girlsigh: (why oh why... when all these other designers are on sale...)
  5. i wish balenciaga went on sale!!
  6. Sale is on right now!
    Happy Shopping! =)
  7. Definitely not. I asked the same question. Here is the email they sent to me.

    [FONT=Verdana, Helvetica, Arial]'Thank you for your email. Unfortunately Balenciaga is excluded from our online sale.

    If you have any further questions, please let us know. '

    Aloha Rag Customer Support [/FONT]

  8. Nothing seems to interest me.:shrugs:
  9. there doesnt seem to be that much merchandise on sale...
  10. Yeah...I couldn't find a thing I want...:push:
  11. is the site updated?
  12. I liked a couple things, but can't afford them even on discount. :shrugs: