Aloha Rag current stock pictures

  1. Just got AR's stock pictures. They said these were not taken by their professional photographers so that means these pictures are the real thing! :graucho:

    115748noir[31]-1.jpg Black City (this looks like a professional pix)

    ba_blur[30].jpg Blueberry City

    ba_bord[30].jpg Grenat First

    ba_red[30].jpg Rouge VIF First

    ba-wht[30].jpg White City

    So what are you guys getting?
  2. OMG!! I love the Rouge VIF First!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want one ~~~~~
  3. omg ~ ~

    forget my post about getting an LV red spi speedy 25

    BALENCIAGA here I come! I want the rouge vif!
  4. Hee hee... :graucho::graucho::graucho:
  5. AR said their pdf picture file will be up and ready in a few weeks so these pictures will just have to do for now.
  6. yep those look true to life to me
  7. The grenat first has been on my mind lately. But I am also contemplating a greige first, if I ever find out where to buy one. Decisions, decisions!
  8. blueberry and grenat is drool worthy:yes:
  9. argh.. looking at the blueberry city makes me drool........ Want one... need one!!!!!

    I better hide my credit card FAST...
  10. blueberry look dark here.. almost look like ink
  11. cutie: I think the blueberry was maybe taken without a flash and indoors or something. My blueberry doesn't look as dark as that one -- mine is a much brighter blue.
  12. I :heart: the rouge vif! I must say the leather on the grenat looks really good- smooshy good!
  13. ^Yeah I saw your blueberry is so gorgeous true blue color. I guess this picture was taken without enough light, so it looks dark.
  14. I hope the blueberry is a bit lighter in person. I want one!
  15. mMmm, that blueberry looks yummy..