Aloha Rag Chloe Sale

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  1. Wasn't there someone interested in a red paddington? Aloha Rag has one on sale. A few other Chloes on sale too.
  2. :yahoo:I love sales!!! Thanks for the post.
  3. Yeah. I posted under Deals that stuff was flying off the shelves. I got the red Paddy! I have been eying up the red for a while...
  4. That's a good price for the red Paddy! :yes:

    I don't think I need a red one though!
  5. Can anyone tell me how big the large paddy is? I keep seeing medium but never large.
  6. If you go to you can see the measurments of the large. You just need to convert them from CM to Inches!
  7. Thanks Mona;)
  8. Got my FedEx Tracking number so they are shipping fairly quickly.

  9. They had a large paddy satchel on sale? :wtf: And I missed it? :shrugs:

    (Though my husband would say that's a good thing...)
  10. ^ lol.. No you didn't miss it. There was a medium on sale not large. I was just wondering about the large because I seen on the diabro website.
  11. Looks like AR sold out of the Chloe Handbags.
  12. AR stuff arrived today. Will post photos later.
  13. whoa noshoepolish, that is FAST! You ordered it on 5/18 (Friday) and you received it today? AND you live in PA??
  14. They Express it. I knew that from last time. I was just out and was coming up the street. I saw the FedEx van & knew it was for me. The guy went right by my house though. Then I saw him turn around. So I waited out front.

    I am at work now. Will post photos when I get home after midnight.
  15. I feel like an idiot. I should have looked at the box! It was an ebay item. Oh well. It is on it's way. It left Hawaii...