Aloha Rag are SOLD OUT of the Rouge VIF City :(

  1. So I finally decided on a Colour and Style...

    And now Aloha Rag said they have sold out!

    Any suggestions for any other colours? They are getting back to me with the colours they have right now in stock...

    Is black too... black?

    I have a lot of black in my wardrobe...

    I was thinking of the Grenat... if I couldnt get the Rouge

    I just cant get the deep redness of the Rouge VIF out of my head now :crybaby:
  2. what style are you looking at?
  3. Have you considered another style?
  4. if you can't get rouge outta your head, i'd say don't get grenat...just wait.

    the seller from the auction fendi posted is a really nice and friendly one. if the price she wanted is too high for you, email her. i think she'd willing to lower her price by a little for you. i have had great experience w/ this seller.
  5. The City
  6. The day? But I dont know... I was really set on the city...

    Aloha Rag is emailing me back with the colours they have ready to ship now... so I'll let you guys know and you have give me your opinions!
  7. There is a brand new rouge vif City under "Achtung"... :graucho:
  8. Seen it... I'm chatting with the seller currently...:yahoo: