Aloha Rag - 50% Off Sale

  1. I apologize if someone has already posted this ... below is an excerpt of the email that I got from Aloha Rag:

    The team at Aloha Rag would like to say thank you to all our customers for supporting our boutique. To show our appreciation for our customers, we have decided to hold another LIMITED TIME 50%OFF SALE of our Spring/Summer merchandise (see below for excluded items). The sale starts 06/30 and ends on 07/14 (HST). This limited time promotion encompasses only the Spring/Summer 2006 erchandise.

    HOW DO YOU KNOW WHICH ITEMS ARE ON SALE? You can browse our SS/06 items that are on sale during this special event inside the regular collection and category pages. The sale price of 50% off will be shown in red once you CLICK THE SHOPPING CART BUTTON.

    *Please note that the original price will be listed in each items detail
    page, and no changes have been made to the graphics. Items excluded from this special promotion are listed below. In addition, Fall/Winter 05 items will not go on sale. These items will not go on sale so please refrain from asking us questions regarding prices. When browsing these items NO SALE PRICE WILL BE DISPLAYED after clicking on the
    shopping cart button.

    *Wouters & Hendrix gold collection
    *Chloe bags
    *Comme Des Garcons Wallets
    *Golden Goose Spring Summer 06 items
    *Tsubi bottoms and accessories
    *De Couture bag
    *Billy Kirk leather accessories
    *Black Ring denim
    *Mike & Chris
    *Luis Morais
    *Lena Wald
    *Loree Rodkin

  2. cool nothing i wanted ;). saved my wallet.
  3. I saved too. One thing I wanted, but I'm saving up for others things, so I gotta pass.
  4. what about balenciaga?
  5. no balenciaga on aloha rag...
  6. o i think they are available in the store only but not online....
  7. Jumpie said there will be some Balenciaga bags (not sure if it's moto bags) and accessories on their sales page later.
  8. I just saw some brown Balenciaga bags there, about $500 each. Not a style I'm familiar with.
  9. Yeah, that's what has happened in the past ... you just have to keep checking and then 'lo and behold, the Balenciaga sales items will appear.
  10. i just got the denim pochette :smile:.
  11. that one's cute! great price too...