ALOHA RAG 50% off on Chloe/older Balenciaga

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  1. thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks for the great tip. I just purchased the Balenciaga coin purse for $105. What a great bargain.
  3. OMG!! Thanks!
  4. Thanks!!!! Been wanting a Chloe Edith Loaf :heart: !! Got it in Whiskey.
  5. Thanks so much!!! Got a Edith in nutmeg. Also, no tax and free shipping! :yahoo:
  6. Thanks for sharing!
  7. Thank you!!!

    Did anyone get the large/medium edith? Were there any? There's only small left...
  8. Does anyone know if the black betty is still available?
  9. how come i heard that this site sell fakes? can anyone tell me? thanks
  10. Aloha Rag is a very reputable site. I highly doubt they would sell fakes. They're also an authorized Balenciaga retailer. Maybe someone returned a fake and the SA didn't notice it....?
  11. thank you so much for the info!!!
  12. Thank you so much for sharing. =)
    Aloha Rag is a reputable store, they are known for selling authentic stuffs. =)
  13. i want to buy one of the chloe bags,,,not sure which one...but how come it says click on the cnanct us button if you want to purcahse this item? what do i need to do to buy it?
  14. you have to email Aloharag with your info ( address, tel# and credit card,etc) and the product info, someone will get back to you and let you know.
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