Aloha Rag - 40% off some Paddys...

  1. Looks like just the fabric ones.......but still...maybe there's more to come!
  2. They will be putting more Chloes on sale at 6 p.m., 6 July. Even the items already on the sale page will be reduced. Happy shopping!
  3. It says 40% off but the price doesn't reflect that when you put it in the shopping cart.
  4. I must say that ALOHA RAG ROCKS!!! I got my Chocolate Front Pocket Paddy and my Rouge Classic Paddy for under $900 each!!!

    Although I am now officially on a BAG BAN
    :crybaby::ban: :true: :crybaby:

    I hope someone from tPF gets a great deal!!!
  5. I'm confused too... the tweed paddies say 40% off but they do not appear to be reduced...:confused1:
  6. can someone post link?
  7. I thought they were putting more chloes on sale, but they didn't seem to. :sad:
  8. Mmm it says Please email us by clicking CONTACT US below to purchase this item. So I guess you cant just buy it..
    Aloha Rag is currently updating our Sale Page. We are adding items and increasing discounts
    for all of our loyal customers! The new prices will take effect at approximately 6pm on July 6th
    Hawaii Standard Time (HST). Thank you all for your patience.
  10. They are updating their sale list and will have the stuff up later.
  11. Ahh, silly me and my 6 pm EST!
  12. Keep in mind that Hawaii does not adhere to daylight savings time so I think that means only 2 hours behind PDT this time or year... or is it the other way around??
  13. According to the site I checked, it would be midnight eastern time
  14. Ok, now it's definitely past 6pm their time, and still no sale! AAAGH, i want to go to bed, but I'm afraid I'll miss the sale!