Aloha Rag 40% off Balenciaga!!!

  1. I just bought a Sapin green City from Aloha Rag for 40% off!!! With taxes it was only $750.79!!!!! :yahoo:
    They also had a Sapin Day and Work left available at 40%!!!! There was also a lavendar (?) pony hair at 80% off!
    If anyone is looking for a beautiful dark green I would call them RIGHT NOW!!!
  2. Congratulations!

    Sapin is such a great colour, and that was such a good price. :yahoo:

    Thanks for posting the info!
  3. Oops, not Sapin, it is EMERALD!!!
  4. Wow! Unbelievable price!
  5. Thanks Shari!

    Did you see any other colors or styles on sale there?
  6. There were a lot of other brands on sale as well but I had tunnel vision and focused only on the B Bags! There were only the Emerald (day and work) and the pony hair that I saw, there may have been another city but I bought the one out.
  7. Thanks for the information!! FYI, I called Aloha rag and they said the work style is not on sale. The emerald color was priced before the increase so it is slightly less expensive than the newer work bags. They do have the following balenciaga bags on sale, though:

    Mini Purse $114 (original $285) in Denim/Brown

    Travel Bag $622 (original $1555) in Caramel, Marron

    Travel Bag Medium $678 (original $1695) in Black, Brown

    Saddle Boston $510 (original $1275) in Brown

    Fringe Bag $574 (original $1435) in Marron, Navy

    Arena Hook Sml Purse $518 (original $1295) in Paisley
  8. Obviously they are telling a different story on the phone vs in person.
  9. I just called and the emerald day is gone! :crybaby:

    The SA said that it was a return, which is why it was 40% off.
  10. Thanks, you just saved me a phone call. Bummer...
  11. Hello,

    I'm desperately seeking for a Balenciaga Giant City, Black color, with silver hardware.

    Help me !!!!!!
  12. Kitty- you need to post a new thread in the Balenciaga Shopping forum. You're not going to get much attention posting inside this thread. BTW, I would think this would not be that hard to find...just start calling retailers in the Reputable Stores Carrying Balenciaga list.
  13. what style was the pony hair?
  14. I think it was a first-and that one was 80% off!!
  15. ^ So how much would that make the pony hair one if it's 80% off?