Aloha Rag 40% off a Few Chloe Bags

  1. Received this email:
    We have moved a few CHLOE bags to our SALE PAGE!!!
    Those bags are Betty Bag in Whiskey color, Betty bags in Green,
    and Medium Python Silverdo Bag!
    All bags are 40% discount.
    Take a look before they sell out! Don’t miss it!!!
  2. Wow great deals! I wish i could get one of the small betty's... so cute!!!! Maybe next time :s
  3. Thanks for posting green_eggs. The betty is so cute!
  4. Thanks green_eggs! Seems like someone was looking for the Python Silverado??
  5. I don't know if you were talking about me - but I WAS looking for it and I GOT IT!!! :yahoo: I've been waiting for it to go on sale for what seems like months. Every day - endlessly checking the AR site. Oddly - last night I emailed them asking about the dimensions of the bag since I am so tall. I always worry I will dwarf a petite bag. They never responded and I wonder if my note prompted them to run a sale? This is in spite of My being a past customer too?? Weird??? This was the bag I missed at Sacoche's sale but now all's right with the world!!!! Thanks Green Eggs - although wouldn't you know I never checked the PF forum this morning. My sister alerted me after reading the post in a panic. Gosh - what a network!! LOL!:heart:
  6. Thanks green_eggs!! I jumped on the Silverado train as well! :party:
  7. divnanata, glad to hear you got it! As for AR, email replies have not been the same since Jumpei left, I don't know if I'm the only one who notices. I guess they are a little understaffed?
  8. Yes divnanata I think it was you that I was thinking of! YEAH! :yahoo: Congratulations on getting it after your long wait! Please post photos once it arrives.
    It's so nice when a
    PFer gets one of their dream bags!

  9. eucalyptic - you were the one who taught me the ropes about AR! They really need Jumpei to come back AND they need a new buyer - someone to stock up on OTHER Chloe bags for pete's sake!
  10. Thanks for your well wishes!!!
    Oh it is such a relief to know I won't have to keep opening that page any more!! Another dream bag! Sigh. SusieSerb and I have vowed to take photos as soon as everything comes in. We have waited too long. And now it might possibly be time for a ban:cursing: .....
  11. Congrats divnanata! You got the metallic python?
  12. I'm laughing over this. We are all such enablers!:p

    This morning I'm on a conference call with my work computer flipped open on one side and on the other I'm monitoring, on my PC laptop, Nata's purse. I had just left a message on her work VM to tell her that the coveted PYTHON SILVERADO was now officially on sale at AR.

    My kid is watching TV, sick by my feet and DH is scheduled for the evening shift so he's hanging around. Naturally he walks in and sees the Python on my screen and screeches, "Why are you looking at purses, aren't you suppose to be on a conference call?"

    Picture "deer in head light" look......:sad:

    The kid pipes in, "Oh she does this all the time". :push:

    All the while I'm relieved that I have my phone on mute, otherwise the whole district would have heard this little exchange.:shame:

    All and all who cares. Nathalie got her purse and because of this I get another Chloe bag that she's passing on from eBay:jammin: More on that later!
  13. Yes, yes! I emailed (after he left) to ask if they were bringing in any of the new spring line bags and no reply! I checked their staff blog to see (usually they have a post about what's coming in from Paris) and it hasn't been updated since Jumpei left. Their inventory leave much to be desired, price included... :sad: