Aloha! My loot from Hawaii!

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  1. Well since I couldn't go there myself, my best friend went and picked up these very lovely items and sent them to me. My beautiful Damier Neverfull MM, Damier T&B Complice Wallet, Damier T&B Keys and the cutest luggage tag ever with the Hawaii imprint on it and my initials on the back! I love them soooo much! :yahoo: Isn't my friend the sweetest!! :heart:


  2. Great purchases! I love the red T&B :smile:
  3. Beautiful!! How lucky you are to have aquired the damier neverfull!! Very nice!!! congrats!
  4. OMG, they're so lovely! I want them too. Do you know how much they are? Congrats!!
  5. What a great haul - I love the tag (and I have not seen it before!) Now I just need to find a friend to go to Hawaii!
  6. Congratz! Love ur luggage tag.
  7. They are all gorgeous! congrats and enjoy!
  8. LVoely purchases, I especially LVoe the Damier T&B Complice wallet and the Luggage tag :biggrin:
  9. Congrats! Does anyone know when these bags will eventually be available on the mainland? Or online?
  10. Nice looking loot! :P
  11. How cute & Congrats!! I've been waitlisted for the mini pochette & neverfull since last winter:P
  12. Oh you are so lucky! Love the luggage tag!
  13. I love them! I wish I knew about the Hawaii luggage tag when I was there this year. It's soooo beautiful, well, everything is! congrats!!!!
  14. Great purchases!! I'm dying to get a Damier t&b complice! :drool: Congrats!!!
  15. Beautiful!! What a great friend you have!