Aloha Framboise Zippy and ....

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  1. I took the plunge to Tokidoki for the beach.... love it with the framboise. Guess what! No color transfer to worry about like inside my white MC. I know it's not made in France, but great fun for the sun and beach:heart:

    Happy Memorial Day ya'll!:heart:

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  2. Oh, they look great together! Looks like you're having a great time in Hawaii. Lucky girl!
  3. I never ever wanna come home, but I do love New Mexico and my heart is breaking cause I miss Louis (ma piggy) so much it hurts....
  4. oooh looks like you are having fun!! :biggrin: and LOVE the zippy!! :drool:
  5. wow- I really didn't know the zippy was that big!

  6. Aloha!
  7. zippy is sooo awesome!! congrats!!
  8. Looks like you really had a blast! :biggrin:
  9. Coool! Great pics! Have a good holiday! :yahoo:
    I'm spending way too much on LVs to afford holidays overseas, lol!
  10. the zippy is such a great size!! You look like your having loads of fun!
  11. aloha!
  12. What a lovely combo- have fun!
  13. they look great together!:okay:
  14. Nice Tat! Oh, the zippy too!
  15. You look beautiful, i love Tokidoki! your Zippy is gorgeous too :smile: