Aloha Excursion

  1. Yay!!!!! my new bag just arrived this morning and boy I just love it!!!
    The size is perfect and I'm sure I won't run into anyone carrying the same bag, well at least here. Anyway, I just want to share this wonderful feeling with you guys.

    Here's my new Hawaii Limited Edition 2005 Damier Excursion....... straight from Hawaii:yahoo:



    Modeling Pic

    In Action
  2. Wow I love it! It looks really good in Damier and I love the luggage tag with the big gold heatstamp, congratulations!
  3. That's REALLY REALLY gorgeous!!
  4. BEEEEEEEEEEEEAUTIFUL Moggie, looks FAB on you!
  5. Wow love it!! It looks really great on you. Very classy indeed.
  6. omg omg omg I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats!
  7. Yes, Tefhel I'd totally agreed, the bag look gorgeous in Damier and I think luggage tag is really compliment the bag. Thanks

    to eveg, GTOFan, speyta and kimalee, thank you, you're all so kind :heart:
  8. OMG!!! That looks great on you! I want one too now!:nuts:
  9. gorgeous!
  10. Wow, it's gorgeous. You look totally hot!
  11. Beautiful bag, it looks great on you!!

    Congrats, and enjoy!
  12. where did you get the hook thingy for the luggage tag? That's a great idea!
  13. Love it!! Looks great with the heatstamp!!
  14. The Excursion looks the best in Damier!! I love your bag, congrats! The luggage tage does compliment the bag nicely especially with the heat stamp. Love it!
  15. Hey....I was just there and didn't see it at the store! Beautiful bag!!! So cute, looks like a shoe bag!