aloe Vera forever-living.

  1. Has anyone heard of this or tried it. They do drinks and evening a skin range and cosmetics...
  2. I guess no one has heard of it :sad:
  3. I haven't. Sorry.
  4. I haven't heard of that particular product but do know that grandma drinks Aloe every morning (we have an Aloe plant in our back yard and she just puts it in a blender and drinks it). She also uses it on cuts/burns/scratches. It's suppose to be good for your health, but don't know the specifics.

    Actually I'm just remember a skin care product that my mom picked up at the new products was a skin cream that contained Aloe and was suppose help with eczema and dry skin. I've tried it but didn't see any significant changes or improves so stopped using it.
  5. I have heard of forever-living but I haven't tried any of their products.
  6. I've tried korean and japanese aloe vera drinks but i dont think it did anything for my skin.
  7. I'm using there lip care and I always suffer from chap lips and there gone woo. I tried every thing and nothing worked, I'm trying there moisturizer and its good too. :smile: