aloe plant for skin?

  1. Does anyone have an aloe vera plant? How do you use it on your skin? Does it work? Any suggestions and help will be appreciated!
  2. You can use it like a face mask - it makes your skin really nice and soft if you use it on a regular basis. That's the only thing I really do with my plant.

    You can also put it on cuts and burns. It helps your skin heal quicker.
  3. The only time i've used it was as a child when I burned myself. you literally cut off part of the plant and the goo that comes out is what you use. I've never heard of or seen anything with Aloe in it that hasn't been for treating some kind of burn. (ie, the gel for sunburns)
  4. If you get sun burned you cute off the leaves and squeeze the inside part out and place it on top of the burn, it helps the pain go away. That's the only use for them that I'm aware of.
  5. Will it really help broken or picked skin heal faster?
  6. You might want to use Neosporin to help something heal
  7. Yes, I think it's the Vitamin E in the plant that helps to heal.