1. Hi, girls , yesterday i saw this bag in this colour in a boutique here in Italy, very cute.. They doesn't have the oval.. Anyone have seen this model in a store? It's big?
  2. I have been waiting to hear about this bag!! Its big? I thought it would be more like a wrist you remember how much it was?

  3. Going by the size of the mirror it looks (to me) to be about 1/2 the size of the purse. I could be wrong (and most probably am!).
  4. To me it's big as wrist clutch...But it's so cute..
    I haven't asked the price.. sorry:shame:
  5. I've seen it in store (browsing idly on the pretense of checking out twiggies) and it was quite small.

    To give you an idea, it was about the size of a paperback and a half (if that made sense)
  6. Have you seen the Oval?
  7. I can't really say I remember. There were several clutches/wallets/wristlets but only that one and a rectangular one stuck in my mind.
  8. i saw it over the weekend at susans in san francisco...
    it's quite small...clutch size
    they had it in black and white...$595
    there's also a version coming out with crystal/rhinestone embroidery that i believe retails for over $1000...
  9. i love it!!!!! do they have it in other colors?:love: :nuts:
  10. Ooooh! I've been hearing about sightings all over the place now, but only in black and white so far - I want a color!! Cal, the mirror is probably misleading as a size guideline - there's a mini mirror that comes with the Shoulder bag that's totally adorable - I'm guessing that's what the aulmoniere has, too.
  11. hey lousieeeyyyyy hugsssss...OT: i love the orange's soooo yummmyyyy;)
  12. :shame: Oops, sorry, I thought the mirror looked small. *giggle* - my bad!:shame:
  13. ^ nothing to be sorry about, Cal! You'd die to see how cute the little mirror is...

    Amour!! I'm thrilled that you love it! Aww, it's found a good home!