Almost Went Into Labour Over This!!!!!

  1. O.K, here is the scoop ladies!:nuts:
    My SA called and said something arrived, I had to return my new brown epsom birkin for it, can anyone guess?????:graucho::graucho::graucho:
  2. not yet !!!! any clues?????
  3. OMG could it be exotic? i am guessing.
  4. CROC???????

    Geeez - I didn't even know you were knocked up, Starr!!!!!

  5. NOT tell me it's a Matte Croc Birkin.........:graucho:
  6. HOLY SH*T, STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What?????????????????????????
  7. It hurt bad to return the Birkin, but DH said no problem(so did manager at H boutique):graucho:
  8. Someone give her a Chinese Burn...I can't stand the wait!

  9. She's been knocked up for about 9 months now.......Geez, GF.
  10. i do not have a clue...but your avatar star always makes me think i wanna oreo cookie!!!!!! it is so cute.
  11. Honey...epsom....gorgeous You and your fab collection?????? Epsom didn't fit, in MY opinion!!
  12. Well??????????????????????????? Epsom be
  13. sh*t? I'm SO far out of the loop......I've only just realised Japster was up the duff!
  14. Well, SPILL IT girly!!!!! Before you have that baby and can't tell us a dang thing!!!!!
  15. It must be Croc or Ostrich.