Almost to silly to ask..jeans in boots?

  1. So what kind of jeans should a person buy to stuff in jeans? I mean, the boot cut cannot be jammed into boots. I'm me..:upsidedown:
  2. Skinny jeans!
  3. You just had to see this thread, didn't you...:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  4. LMAO!!!

    I had another sentence on it but backed it up!
  5. But it was probably funny, mean, but funny.:wlae:
  6. :choochoo:

  7. Skinny Jeans is the only thing that will stuff into jeans...unless they are really big boots. I have a pair of MK boots I've been hoping to stretch for the sake of my bootcuts.
  8. if you have cropped jeans, they're the best to tuck in since you won't be doing that much tucking in... it also helps when the boots are kinda tight around the calf area
  9. Agreed. Skinny jeans are the best. I knew when I bought skinny jeans that even when they go out of style I will still be able to wear them tucked into my boots.
  10. ^^ I hope they don't go out of style too fast -- once I put on a pair of skinnys for the first time, I could not go back to the bootcut silloute.

    It is like the 80s but better because I HATE HATE HATE high waisted pants & in the 80s the waistband of every pair of pants that I owned dug into my ribs.
  11. i love skinny jeans!!!!! i am very they are the only ones that really fit me and doenst make me look too YES they are great to stuff in boots!

  12. yup.. and the thing is, everyone's been saying for like two years that skinny jeans are just a passing trend.. but considering they've been going for that long... :confused1:

    it's one of my pet hates actually.. i'm sure that even if they're "in" for 10 years people will still say they're a passing trend just because they prefer bootcuts.
  13. Lol. I just bought a pair of boots too. I had a HARD time shoving my bootcuts jeans into my boots. HARD, but do-able. But I think skinny/cropped would be best :biggrin:
  14. I have thick calves, and small feet. So for my shoe size, it's practically impossible to stuff calves + jeans into boots. So I wear capris and tuck just a little in, and pretend :smile:
  15. I have been wearing capris tucked in too. I have truble fitting even skinny jeans in .