Almost Scammed!!

  1. Holy cow, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I was almost scammed by an *bay flipper today. (won't reveal her pf/eBay id) but she tried to get me to pay outside of *bay... She'll probably leave me neg feedback for not paying, but no way am I paying outside of *bay without any sort of verification that the transaction is for the item I won, especially after reading all these threads about scammers. I think the general rule of thumb is this:


    As much as I love the bag, I am NOT willing to jeopardize that much money and go through the harrowing process of getting my money back.
  2. ^^ ACK, i hope it wasn't the same tPFer/e-bayer who's been scamming a bunch of other girls here :shrugs::s:push:
  3. i'm sorry this happened. but good thing you caught it. i can't believe fellow tpf'ers would do this to each other.
  4. Is there a thread posted about this particular *bayer/pfer?
  5. I think all of these posts/threads are (or should be) located in the eBay section of the forum now.

    There was a bit of discussion in other areas of the forum, but we have been instructed to converse in the eBay forum about this/these topics/members. :yes:
  6. Thanks for the info fashion-cult! Greatly appreciate it.
  7. makes me mad, i got scammed three people bought handbags of me and they were all bought with stolen credit cards..or so they say, three in a row, talk about bad luck...kiss goodbye to my LE City, Sky Blue, Pink 08 doubt i'll see them again. (No they weren't pFers)
  8. rosy that is the worst story I have ever heard!
  9. This is one of the many reasons why I don't do fleabay anymore.:tdown: Good catch on your part.
  10. Did you accept payment from paypal? I'd really like to know more about how the payment company would accept a stolen cc without some form of checking first.

    This is getting out of hand with all the scamming that I'm reading.

    This is AWFUL.
  11. I would like to know too. This is becoming a nightmare for all buyers & sellers everywhere!!! :crybaby:
  12. YIKES this is a reminder of why ebay is so scary- it's a good reminder to be extra careful...although sometimes even that isn't enough!!

    rosy what an awful story!!! so sorry- is there nothing that can be done for you???
  13. I just have to wait and see its out of my hands now, i am also sending the info on to the FBI, Paypal gave me the email address. So am i sick? yes, i have been having to sell my bags to cover the other bags because paypal when doing a charge back take the money from your account and hold it, or if you don't have money in your paypal account they make you negative, just until the matter is resolved, i may or i may not get my money back. :sad: all i will say is trust no one, the guy i sold the first handbag to said he was buying it for his wife sent me lovely emails la de da, then like 6 weeks later he emails me to say how his wife loves the handbag and her friends would be interested if i were selling anymore, i say well i have two bags up on ebay, the two women paid again sent me emails all lovely BUT IT WAS ALL A BIG CON. all three have applied for charge back, I'm not a big seller, i just went on a holy grail run, bags which i kept, then i bought a few of this seasons colours which didn't buz me so i sold them or so i thought, Please fellow friends do not trust nice friendly emails from buyers i did and now i have a broken heart, wallet.
  14. OMG, i am so sorry.:sad: This is really getting out of hand. People can log into this forum and find out info about us and what we buy and scam us on ebay.:cursing: