Almost ready to make my first "new" LV purchase~ need advice!

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  1. Thanks everyone for your input! After some more thought and considering your opinions, I am leaning towards Speedy 30 Azur~ she would definitely make a beautiful summer bag since I'm down in SC. Then I could save my mono Speedy for the fall & winter months, alternating with my Petit Noe. Since I've allotted myself $700 towards the bag, then I'm going to give myself about another $450 to play with. Should I get a couple of little things, like another bandeau and maybe a small piece like a mini pochette? Or should I go for something a little bigger like a zippy coin purse? I'd like something to hold credit cards and cash, but can't splurge on a regular size wallet yet, not with the other stuff. Also, what pattern should I pick? More ideas and suggestions please! :thinking: It will be a month or two before I do my shopping, but I'm one who likes to plan ahead & decide what to get before I get there (that way I resist temptation!) :devil:
  2. Zippy Coin purse! It is awesome. I just bought mine in black multi and I can't even tell you how much I love this little thing, i just sit and stare at it all day. lol. Plus it actually holds a TON of stuff. You wouldn't believe the amount of stuff you can fit in there! It's perfect if you can't afford a bigger wallet right now (like me). I pretty much gave myself exacly your budget, although I'm pretty sure my NF is going back for a Speedy. Here's a pic of my pretty little zippy coin...

  3. :tup::tup: A great shoulder bag. As a mum of two young girls, this is perfect for me. A hand held bag can be hard to use when the kids are around. Good luck. :smile: