Almost ready to make my first "new" LV purchase~ need advice!

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  1. #1 Jan 21, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 21, 2009
    I have decided that when my credit card is paid off (I only owe a small amount, since I never use it & had to buy a new laptop with it recently), I am going to treat myself to a brand new LV bag!
    I own two lovingly used mono bags~ the Speedy 30 and the Petit Noe, both in beautiful condition for vintage used ('92 & '87 respectively). I also have a black multicolore Wapity, which I also purchased slightly used, and have enjoyed as my cell phone/lip gloss wristlet.
    I told my hubby this, and he just shrugged his shoulders~ "You like what you like I guess." He spends thousands on bass fishing tournaments every year: boats, equipment, entries, gas, so he really can't say anything. My main hobby has always been showing hunters, but since I recently had a child, it's on the back burner for now, so I have no reason to spend money on riding attire or tack. Hubby just laughed and said, "Let me guess. You're going to go to Charleston to get it, right?" (Short story being: his sister (who prefers Coach) and her friend (who carries fakes like they're real) went in the LV boutique in Charleston recently.) Friend tries to show off to her husband, asking to see a multicolor speedy, then whips out her fake wallet with the broken button. My sis-in-law about died of embarassment. :Push: When sis-in-law told me what happened, I was floored...I really didn't think the girl was really that stupid, but she had no clue what an idiot she made of herself. Sis-in-law at least has the sense to carry something authentic that she likes. But I can tell our friend is jealous of my two bags, even though they're used, and I guess she feels the need to justify her fakes as being just as good, I don't know.
    Anyways, back to the subject at hand. I never put anything on my credit card except on rare occasions, like the emergency laptop purchase when mine recently died. Other than that, it stays paid off, and tucked away. I use my debit for everything else, but I would prefer with this being my first "big" LV purchase, I'd like to be able to pay it off in 2 or 3 short months, rather than take a chunk out of my account all at once. So when it gets paid off, in the next couple of months, I'd like to take a little trip to Charleston and treat myself.
    I've been eying the Damier Azur Speedy 30~ she's beautiful & classy, with a light air. But I've also been looking at Damier Neverfull MM & PM in Ebene. Do they come in Azur as well? $700 on a new bag is the limit I've set for myself, so those two styles are my choices. I really would like something different than mono canvas this time. I'm also leaning toward the multicolor pochette GM at $485. She looks like she'd be very versatile as a clutch and as an interior bag. I'd really like pros & cons on each bag I've mentioned, and suggestions if I've missed anything in that price range that might suit me. I prefer a bag that will take a bit of banging around, since I'm not the most graceful person. I may even consider another mono bag as well, I'm not completely against getting another one! And I don't mind the vachetta getting the aged look either. Being a horse person makes me appreciate the look of fine, properly broken in leather!
    Can anyone help steer me in the right direction? :shrugs:
  2. Hmm... NF is a great bag - and in damier ebene you don't have to worry about it getting tossed around. the NF doesn't come in azur.. but I still think NF would be a fab choice! I don't have the MC pochette GM so perhaps someone can chime in on that.

    Congrats on the new baby and small CC bill - you do deserve a treat!
  3. This was me the other day. I really only treat myself once or twice a year and on Monday I went to LV and bought the Damier Neverfull MM and the MC Zippy coin wallet. The MC zippy was just LVOE at first site and I thought I liked the Neverfull until I got it home. It is going back on friday because I'm just not feeling it. I don't really like that the bag doesn't close, the straps are really thin and for me personally it is difficult to get on the shoulder as I am "fluffy". For the bag I only gave myself about $700 as well so I think that on friday I am going to go back and excahnge it for the Speedy. I already have the 25 so I'm thinking the 30 in either Damier Ebene or Mini Lin. So long story short, my vote is for a speedy! GL!!
  4. since you already have a mono speedy, i would say go with the damier neverfull. its fab, and not seen as much, since its a newer release. or, if you want to go with the MC pochette GM, thats also nice. i havent really looked at it irl, but it looks fab, plus you could get a vernis cles with it ;) congrats on your future first LV purchase
  5. I vote for the azur speedy soooo gorgeous!!
  6. What about a Damier Speedy 30??
  7. I think you'd like the azur speedy -- perfect for spring & summer in SC!
  8. From the description of your current collection, it sounds like the Damier Azur Speedy would be a perfect addition to give you some variety.
  9. The NF is a great bag. I love mine, I have the GM. I don't think I have ever gotten a bag that I have loved this much. (I love all my LVs but the neverfull is just easy breezey!!!). The azur is great too. Great for us southern gals!!!!
  10. I'd say Azur speedy, it's very pretty!
  11. go for the damier neverfull
  12. if you want something low maintenance i would go for the damier ebony, either the speedy 30 or NF. They're both really great bags..I guess it just depends on if you want a shoulder bag or hand bag. i love them both!
  13. I say go for Damier Ebony, because Azur is great but not really low maintenance. Also, since you already have speedy, then go for Neverfull MM (PM is just too small for many people), but another speedy in damier would be a good option too.
  14. I think the Azur speedy would be a great choice! This way you have a light in addition to your 2 dark monogram.
  15. I am voting for the Azur Speedy as well.