Almost over! Origan box SP $699

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  1. gosh, if only i didn't already have 2 origan bags, someone grab this baby :wlae:
  2. someone get this bag! what a deal!!
  3. I love the bag but I have too many without shoulder straps and they sit in the closet in their dustbags. I was tempted though.:yes:
  4. I am the new, proud owner! I love the color.
  5. Congratulations! Another beauty!
  6. Congrats Rondafaye!
  7. Thanks, I like the greens. I almost went for an olive twiggy but I'm glad I waited. This is a better shape/size for me! Yay! Plus, I sold a couple of vintage watches on eBay this week, so I only had to pay $48 out of pocket.
  8. Congratulations!! That is a really good price and I like the box better than the twiggy personally. That is a really nice color (and I don't really do green!)
  9. I like some of the muted/earth tones. I like the khaki, olive, origan, greige, etc.
  10. :yahoo: Yayyyy!
  11. wow...what a steal!! congrats Rondafaye!!

    ( i love your name, btw)
  12. Congrats Ronda!!!!!:yahoo:
  13. Yeah whatta deal! If I didn't already have the hobo. Love this color
  14. Thanks, everyone! You guys are so sweet.

    TTucker: My name is a combination of my parents' names (Ron and Faye).
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