Almost milk spilled in my bag...

  1. Okay,

    I had a 9 month old in my lap and she grabbed a glass of milk so quick I couldn't catch her fast enough. I had my purse sitting on the floor open and it was inches from where the milk spilled on the floor.

    What kind of near-misses have you had?
  2. OH that one was close!!! I also had a near milk miss today! I have a 2 1/2 year old milk-o-halic!! Good thing it was my Ali and only near the side of her :yes:
  3. I haven't had any near misses, I'm so anal about my bags that if I would tell you all the measures I take to protect them you would send the men in white coats for me. But, I have to tell you that my stomach did flips when I read about your experience! I can't imagine how you felt! I'm so glad that you didn't have a real tragedy on your hands. Whew, you dodged a bullet on that one!:sweatdrop:
  4. LOL!! You have to tell us now!!! I am sure you will find that you are not alone! I can be very weird myself about my fabric bags :yes:
  5. I was at the salon getting my hair done and a glob of hair dye landed about 3 inches from my bag...after that, I started asking my stylist to put my bag where they keep theirs!
  6. I hold mine in my lap under the protective cape!! :yes:
  7. I don't put my bags on the floor but maybe you didn't have any other options ! This could have happened anywhere but I will tell you, against my better judgement I brought one of my nicer casual but more expensive and newer bags to an indoor play area which I was unfamiliar with and my daughter threw up on my hand and I had to reach inside my bag to get a wipe but to avoid putting it on the floor because there was gymnastic chalk there. I almost got puke on the inside of my legacy lining ! I kept smelling it for the rest of the day to make sure nothing got on it ! Puke is gross but she is a baby so baby puke isn't as gross ? sorry for sharing lol
  8. Someone at work spilled a huge cup of coffee on the bookshelf where we keep our bags. No one noticed till much later! It didn't hit my bag but other bags were drowning in old cold coffee. The funny thing was that so many people said "at least Katie's Coach bag wasn't hit!" I felt bad that so many other bags were ruined but SO thankful that Mandy wasn't a victim.
  9. that was playing in my head like a horor movie lol ! love your butterfly bag:heart:
  10. Wow, that coffee close call was very scary!!!

    My kids are not allowed to touch my Coach's. They ask me about them and I say it is Money, don't touch! LOL, it helps them relate when I use Spongebob
    Terminology :yes:
  11. That is funny, I tell my 3 yo "Don't even point at it" like in the movie "This is Spinal Tap"
  12. girl! everything in our house relates to either a Spongebob episode or a Seinfeld episode!
    And let's just say I've never put my purse on that shelf since that day!

  13. Well, I don't (put it on the floor) out in public but I am at home right now in my basement office. My carpet is clean and it was sitting right next to my desk since I had just gotten my camera out. It being on the floor ONLY occurs in this room since it is the only room where my dogs are banned. When I have babies in the house I have a separate gated area for them with tons of toys, but she was a little fussy so I picked her up. BAD idea.... since the milk she spilled was mine since I HAD to have a brownie and milk.
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao: I need to use that line!!

    Hee hee he! That is one of the joys of kids, you get to use fun kid like things to get through to them, thus making you feel just a bit younger! We have all kinds of movie and show lines in our everyday use. It really does help the kids to understand when you use phrases from their favorite shows along with a translation as to how big kids should say it.
  15. I hear you ! Sometimes it just happens or you have no other options ! I would put my bag down on my floor but my rugs always have smooshed cookies or something since I have a toddler and an infant until I get to vacuum and spot clean them at night so I don't even trust my own floors most of the time lol ! It is ok though, good thing nothing happened ! I was joking with my SIL today at a birthday party when I told her my Ali had her own car seat ! She looked at me and then laughed but I think she thought I was serious at first !