Almost made it to 2019...

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  1. Bought one last bag for 2018 (even though I swore I wouldn't buy until the new year). A bit of a DIY from the looks of the pics but I'm up for it...
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  2. great score! :tup:
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  3. BV hobos are the best!
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  4. Oooh. a 2004 Ebano Quilted Nappa Veneta.
    It looks like it's in great condition from the picure you posted.
    Enjoy! :flowers:
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  5. Thanks, I've read it was one of the seasonal specials? The interior looks a little nightmarish but its from TRR and as we all know their photos suck. So ebano over espresso? Which is the darker of the two? I always mix them up!
  6. I would assume it's Ebano. There was no Espresso back then as far as I know. There was Moro, but that didn't come in until maybe 2007? Yes, it was the Seasonal Veneta for Fall/Winter 2004. I wonder if we will kiss goodbye the Seasonal Venetas going forward...
    Here's a thread on the comparison of those browns:
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  7. Thanks for the link...what do you think this one is then? Also on TRR...I had thought perhaps that mine was espresso and this one ebano but if espresso wasn't around in 2004...?
  8. Espresso wasn't available until maybe 2011? It could be an extremely faded Moro but I doubt it.
    The authenticity tag will confirm it but it can only be Ebano IMO.
  9. So to confirm, this bag was made only for the one season in 2004, and ebano was the only brown for that season? These two bags look very different in colour...I can post my tag when I get the bag but TRR won't do much of anything if I ask for a pic of the tag from the other bag :annoyed:.
  10. The Seasonal Venetas are produced for one season only - never to be seen again. Nuvolato, Tiger, Royale, Intagli, Marquise, Minionde, Fuzzy, Profondo etc... to name a few.
    As for the colour, I'm certain;y no expert on BV so maybe some of the more senior members here can shed some light on the browns availabe in 2004 - I wasn't buying back then.
    Unfortunately when you buy pre-loved, you have no idea what happened to the bag between 2004 and now. Someone may have dyed it or they may have conditioned the bag and thus it has darkened.
  11. Thanks V0N, I'll post the tag when I get her!
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  12. Finn, I’m dying a Classic ebano Veneta Hobo. I had one before and rehomed it. I’m feeling sentimental about classic BVs. But I’m also trying to reduce my footprint and one way is to buy less. Thing is, if I buy preloved is that really adding to my footprint?
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  13. Beautiful, rich color! Please post pics when you get it!
  14. Buying used items is keeping them out of landfills. It doesn't add to your footprint. If you use it, then why not?
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  15. Buying preloved is a way of reducing your footprint IMHO. It would apply to anything else you bought used, so why not luxury items?:biggrin:
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