Almost in tears at Chanel; Need Your Help Patent Owners

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  1. #1 Jan 25, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2009
    Part 2, the sage of the red patent Mobile Art. To recap, Part 1 involved taking it in for repair as there were several splits in the leather along the chain as well as some needle puncture marks that were oversized on one side. That was 6 weeks ago.

    Friday a week ago, I get a call from the boutique informing me it wasn't back yet, parts had to come from France. Okay, disappointed a tad. Yesterday, I drop in the boutique and am told your bag is back. I should be happy, right? The lid comes off and I spot the two threads I tied to the metal part of the strap to point out the location of the defects. Long story short, nothing had been done in the 6 weeks the bag was gone. I was so distraught; I was on the verge of bawling like a baby.

    I was hearing oh, they took the leather out and restitched it. By now everyone knows what a cynic I am, so you won't be surprised to hear I'm not about to do a 180 now.

    How in the hell could the leather come out and those holes made smaller and the slits be in the exact same place as the thread I tied onto the chain? Holes can't be made smaller. Hello. There was not a second hole next to the other hole. Furthermore, how could the parts arrived in the span of less than a week and my purse arrive at the boutique one week to the day I was told it's waiting for parts from France? How stupid do I look? (Am beginning to that wonder myself.)

    Off I went to get my hairs cut. I returned later to find the store mobbed; however no one bought a thing. A woman and a man were at the counter. Her modern chain, I think that's the purse with the plastic chains, right? The plastic chain was broken. So two very sad customers. We could have been bookends. The store cleared out as quick as it filled, like the ebb of the tides ;it's my turn again. What do I want, I'm asked. I want the entire leather in the chain replaced with one continuous piece of leather with consistent stitching. Barring that, replace the chain with a reissue chain in matte gold -- so states the repair ticket.

    Here's where I would appreciate your help. Those of you who own a patent flap, Mobile Art or not, please look at the leather in your chain and tell me if it's one piece of leather, or do you see any splits. The splits are on both sides, top and bottom as if two or more pieces of leather may be glued together. As saying glued for lack of a definitive answer from Chanel what is going on. I'm not sure what exactly this is and why it's not one run of patent leather through the chain. In addition, my leather (in the chain) has some needle holes that are normal, while other holes are larger and it appears the patent is splitting over to the edge.

    I need feedback on this because the claim is this is normal on patent leather. I don't know why the chain would not be one continuous run like it is on all my other classic flaps. And I don't know what some of the stitching is fine and at other times not.

    Many thanks in advance to those who respond.
  2. jmen - the MA red that does have splits on the middle part of leather strap (glued & sewn). Also, the closing ends are even "messier" ~ too noticeable. I was planning to take my MA red for a replacement on the strap, too. But, I wasn't sure if it's going to make any difference. So, I'll just wait for your updates. Keep me posted, okie? ;)
  3. Oh Jmen, I'll so sorry. I'm no help since I don't have a medium patent flap, just a chocolate bar e/w type, and I'm pretty sure it was one continuous piece of leather. As for the needles holes, there are some because of the nature of the leather being so thick and seamstress has to poke harder to get the threads in. The holes are more visible than caviar and lambskin. One hole even shaped like a tiny crescent, but it never riped or got any larger.

    I'm sure more folks will come along to help you out.
  4. judy i am so sorry- its ridiuclous you are continuously dissapointed when it comes to this bag! karl lagerfeld himself should hand you a new one at this point. i will check the straps on my patent jumbo tonight and report back tomorrow. but in my opinion, there is no way a bag that expensive should be glued whatsoever in any spot- it should be sewn. and also- u deserve a brand new strap that looks perfect. i actually noticed the strap was broken on my brand new east west sharpei tote (or maybe thats not the name) but i didnt think i should bother sending it back since i got it at around 70% off. i was just thinking of having my favorite tailor sew it. anywhoo the point is that all these quality issues we have been hearing about are getting to be ridiculous.
  5. I have a patent flap and the leather on the chain is also not one continuous piece. There are two separate pieces that meet together. The SA assured me that it was normal.
  6. Interesting that others have the leather pieced together and glued as well. What about the holes are they consistent in size both top and bottom and throughout the strip?

    This glueing pieces together is so foreign to me; it's not done on any of my flaps so I'm wondering why on earth now. Most importantly, many thanks to those who are responding!
  7. I'm having trouble understanding the holes... I'm not seeing it on mine, but I'm may not be looking in the right place? If you tell me what to take pics of, I will.

    I have seen the splits in the leather in the chain, when I picked up the bag, I noticed it too and Brendan checked a few of them for me and they all looked the same, so I figured that was the way they were made... it hasn't gotten any worse and I've used it about 10 times.
  8. I will check mine in the morning and let you know but it may be normal becasue possibly the patent is not as wide as other leathers so maybe they are not able to have ne continous thread KWIM???
  9. Bethc: You'd have to look at the stitching on both top and bottom of the strap. Are the holes the same size all along on both sides?

    Most of mine were normal puncture marks but some are noticeably larger in diameter. On my purse, the large stitches are on one side only. Imagine if the end of the needle broke off and it was being jabbed with a thicker point. Not that this is possible but sans pics it's the best way I can think of to describe the difference.

    LVLux -- am thinking they may have used remnants to make these straps and that's why they're glued together rather than one long continuous strap. Or is there something about patent that is problematic in getting one long strap fed through the chain due to its stiffness, and so the pieces are fed through in sections and glued in various places?

    At this point it seems the glueing is normal. Now, it's down to the variance in needle holes.

    Thanks folks for inspecting your straps!
  10. I am so sorry for the hassles you are gong through with your bag.:sad:
    I am sitting here at home looking at my jumbo patent bordeaux and the patent leather woven inside the chain appears as a very long piece of patent leather that has been folded in half and the raw edges have been rolled and tucked in and then the entire strap has been sewn closed. There are no raw edges. And I do not see any holes larger than what is required for the thread to pass through, nor do I see any extra holes. I hope this helps.
  11. The one bag, I find odd - is my new red caviar jumbo.

    It is glued, not sewn the entire length of the strap, but there is a raw edge showing....both raw edges were not tucked, only one.

    It was the same way on the red caviar with gold I returned....Chanel cutting corners, I guess. :confused1:
  12. My medium Paten flap has two pieces of the leather that meet in the center they are stitched together, not sure if there is glue or not. So sorry you are having a problem with this bag.
  13. Judy, I just took my coral NY mobile art bag out and have a look. The leather strap is made up of THREE pieces of leather.

    It starts and ends with an obvious fold of the leather strap. The fold itself is secured by a single thread on each end. I can see this single thread weaving through the end. I am not that picky and I thought the whole thing is done nicely. The folds are then placed in such a way that the metal parts of the chains would sort of obscure the needling work.

    There are then two separate "joints" of the leather, i.e. where two leather straps are put together. I can only assume that glue has been used. On my one, it does not show any trace of glue.

    I like your idea of switching to a 2.55 matt gold chain. The reason why this beautiful bag still has not been used by me is because of my personal mental struggle of the leather strap........I probably will have the chain replaced when I go to rue Cambon next month.
  14. I reread your posts again, Judy and did another check of the sizes of the needle holes. They all look pretty uniform to me. The only needle holes that are bigger than the others are those at each end of the strap where the single thread I described above goes through. I can only guess that the holes are bigger because the thread used is thicker - Chanel needs a thicker thread to secure the fold of the leather, perhaps?

    My bag was actually examined by my personal quality controller before it was delivered to me. I am therefore not surprised that my bag is in such a perfect state!
  15. So sorry to hear about your bag. I can't believe that nothing has been done for the past 6 weeks.

    I looked at my Navy MA, and the leather strap is made with two pieces of leather. The holes where the thread were puntured through look normal to me. I don't see any splits yet. **knock on wood**

    I hope you can get it replaced with the matte gold bijoux chain. That would look fabulous!