Almost got the mirage but.....

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  1. me nuts:nuts:! The SA in Singapore had 2 noir mirages in stock and she offered one to me. I had my credit card ready for the big swipe! But it just didnt seem to look special IMO. DH said it was a ridiculous amount for an LV speedy just because of the black handles and I kinda felt the same way. I stared at it for 30 minutes, scrutinizing every nook and cranny and holding it in front of the mirror but there was just no love at all. It was just another mono speedy. Then DH and I saw the trevi! That one I loved! Mirage owners may think Im crazy for not getting the mirage but I think the trevi was more stunning and practical IMO. It probly suits my taste and needs better. I was about to get the trevi pm but it was out of stock so the SA placed an order for me. Will get it next month and Im patiently waiting and counting the days. Im glad I saw the mirage in real life though.
  2. Pictures Pictures, I don't know what this one looks like
  3. smart move! if you don't feel the love for it, no point in dishing out the $$! can't wait to see your trevi
  4. The Mirage is such a fab bag, but even if you didn't get it, I'm sure someone else will be lucky to get the one you passed on.....Congrats on the Trevi, that's a great bag too.
  5. I agree with you. I had both the black and bordeau Mirage in front of me (the SA insisted on showing them to me) and I think they are cool-looking bags but not worth the $ to me. I prefer the trevi too. Congrats!
  6. I am so glad you found one you like.
  7. Good for you for choosing the bag that makes you happy. I love my Mirage, but there have been many other LE bags that have done nothing for me. The Trevi is a stunning bag and you will be happy with it. Don't forget the pics!
  8. Glad you chose the bag you like ... I'm sure you will be happy with it! It's a nice bag ... congrats!
  9. i would think you're silly and a bit :hrmm: if you bought a bag simply because it is very popular or limited. buy what you love, not what others love :yes: congrats on your impending Trevi :tup:
  10. I was offered a black and bordeaux Mirage this week, but declined. It's a nice bag, but I'm just not feeling it that much. I'm going to get the Mahina XL in black instead. It's a wise decision that you didn't buy a bag just because it's limited.
  11. you made the right choice:tup: im liking damier more and more every day...
  12. Congrats! As long as you love what you get, all is well no?
  13. ita! the mirage never did anything for me (THANK GOODNESS!!!) they trevi is beautiful! good choice!
  14. I love my noir mirage speedy, but I also love the trevi!!! I've never been a fan of damier until I saw the's on my wishlist!
  15. Great choice!! Good you took your time in deciding, that way you found your true "LVoe"...heehee. Congrats!!