Almost done. . .just one more to go. Help me choose.


Which chanel fall bag should I get?

  1. Beige Bubble Quilt Bowler

  2. Dark Silver Reissue in 227 or 226

  3. Black Metallic Reissue in 227

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  1. Hello ladies,

    I am almost done with my bag shopping this year:p. After my hermes birkin purchase, I feel that my purse budget has gone overboard and I should settle for one last bag from the fall collection. I am hoping you lovely ladies can help me choose which one you deem is the most beautiful and long lasting bag. thanks so much!

    Forgot to mention: My choices are
    1. Beige Bubble quilt bowler
    2. Dark Silver Reissue
    3. Metallic Black Reissue
  2. Dark silver - is my pick.
  3. what else is currently in your collection?
  4. I vote for the black metallic.
  5. I vote for dark silver. It will last longer than metallic.
  6. Bubble quilt, although I guess it depends on how many flaps you currently have.

    Congrats on the birkin
  7. They're all great, but I am currently in love with the Bubble quilt bags, so I vote for that.
  8. Swanky

    HMMMM. . . I have

    1. Beige PSt
    2. White Jumbo Classic flap
    3. Black jumbo classic flap
    4. Black expandable flap
    5. Black Medium Lux Ligne Bowler
    6. Grey 2.77 Reissue
    7. Light Silver Cotton Club Tote
    8. Gold E/W

    On its way is:

    1. Red Classic
    2. Navy Patent

    so which do you think should be my last bag for the year.
  9. I voted for metallic black reissue. You already have the grey reissue and silver cotton club tote. That's a lot for silver-grey tones. Not to mention you have the gold e/w for a flashy night look too! You can never have enough black bags :biggrin:
  10. I voted for the dark silver. Congrats on the Birkin!
  11. Bubble Quilt Bowler.. To be different! Nice collecion!
  12. I think the metallic black reissue would be a gorgeous addition to your already gorgeous collection. :smile:
  13. I vote for beige bubble quilt bowler!
  14. Dark silver 227 :smile:
  15. I vote for the brown. :biggrin: the color of brown looks thick and gorgeous! yummy! :drool: