Almost done......I just need someone to post Truffle 07 & Marine 07

  1. If someone has these colors from 07, can you post a good shot (without glare) of the back of your bag lying flat. Thanks!
  2. Does this help? Not the best with my pics. :smile:
  3. Here's my '07 Marine Giant Day shot in indirect natural light, without flash:
    07_marine_giant_hobo_back.jpg close_up_back.jpg 07_marine_giant_hobo.jpg close_up_front.jpg
  4. Thanks! Those are perfect! :smile:
  5. Cracker! You are just amazing! The effort you have put into this is so very appreciated! We can't thank you enough!
  6. You're very welcome. I wouldn't be able to do this without everyone's help. :smile:
  7. Thank you so much for dedicate a lot of your time to create our Bal library
    Cracker :heart: and Jag:heart: !!!
    Can't wait to see the result :graucho:....
    I'm sure it will be :yahoo::tup:!!!!
  8. Opps...I just now noticed I typed "Day" when I meant to say "Hobo"...oh well. I have so many bag photos...from the beginning and throughout the years.

    Let me know if you want "non-motorcycle" bags too...I've got a lot of those as well. I've had nearly 80 bags in my possession at one time or another.
  9. This is going to be a drool inducing reference section. That marine hobo is truly unbelievable. :heart:
  10. Cracker, you're the best! Here is my truffle '07!