Almost decision time: which waitlisted bag to get?


Which bag should I get?

  1. Violet work

  2. Marigold twiggy

  3. Bite the bullet and get both!

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  1. Welp, we've got a couple weeks til the earliest possible delivery of F/W 07 collection bags, right? :yahoo: I'm waitlisted at BalNY for a violet work (RH) and a marigold twiggy (RH), but circumstances have changed and I can only buy one. Time to make a very hard decision!

    I'm completely torn between the two and would love to receive your opinions on which one to take home. My current collection:

    - Black Work
    - Dolma Work
    - Black City
    - Bordeaux City
    - 05 Magenta City
    - Natural Brief (GH)
    - Apple First
    - 04 Rose First
    - Anthracite twiggy but I'm letting her go to a good home tomorrow. :crybaby:

    My wardrobe is mostly neutrals -- black, white, gray, brown/beige -- and a smattering of muted pinks and purples. As for my B-bag collection, I like a mixture of brights and neutrals. I don't wear my smaller bags much because I lug a lot of stuff around for work. So if I were to get the yellow twiggy, I wouldn't be able to use it as much. I'd probably use the violet more, but then again, I have 3 pink-toned bags and no yellow-toned bags. AAAAAAA!!!!!!!

    So whaddya think, should I take home the yellow twiggy or the violet work? TIA, girls!! :smile:
  2. This is such a tough decision....are you high on the list? Maybe, once the bags start coming in and posted on tPF, you'll start to have a preference. I'm leaning toward the Marigold twiggy but I'm not sure about this color and exactly what it's going to look like. I know the violet is going to be gorgeous no matter what. Shoot, I'm not any help.

    How often do you use you AG? Because it's bright and you would sort of use the yellow in similar situations.

    So go for the Violet! It's totally different from rose and magenta. It will complete your wardrobe. BTW, you have a gorgeous collection of bags!
  3. i'd say a marigold twiggy! seems to go with your wardrobe and it's what you're lacking in your collection!
  4. Marigold work?
  5. I say Violet Work. I'm not sure why you're letting your Anthra Twiggy go, but I think that the Violet is going to be quite stunning. Think of ALL THAT VIOLET on the Work! YUMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY!
  6. Wow, that's like asking if you should eat steak or chicken -- two VERY different choices. I would vote for the marigold, just b/c I think yellow matches more colors than violet. Let us know!
  7. Yup, I'm #1 on the list for a violet work, and either #1 or #2 (just guessing) for the yellow twiggy. So unfortunately I won't be able to see them before deciding, unless Daphne generously decides to send me pics beforehand.

    I use my AG like 2-3 times a month, usually for going out at night. I use my Works and Cities almost every day. I'd probably use the violet work more, but I'd probably love the yellow twiggy's color and style even more! ARGH!
  8. I had thought about that, but I think that'd just be too much yellow for me!
  9. i think you should go for the violet if you think you'll use that one more :yes:
  10. i said bite the bullet and get both, i know its bad but if ou love them both splre if not i am really excited about the marigold, that would be my first choice
  11. I said the Twiggy but I think I now tied your score. It says 5 for each of the categories. Eeek.:shrugs:
  12. Eek is right! I shouldn't have included the "get both" option, DOH! I soooo want both but don't have the funds for it.
  13. This is so hard!!! I honestly don't know what to tell you!!! Bal has not produced these colors in many years so it is such a hard choice. Maybe you can decide after you see the pictures!!!!
  14. I am with Zacorey! Is there any way you can wait a bit longer to see the colors IRL? Although, my first reaction is to say VIOLET!!!
  15. I said bite the bullet and get both, because they're just so different and you know you'll love & cherish both of them. I'm terrible at elimination and I usually end of getting both(eventually)......but if I have to choose, it'd be Violet Work just because I love Work style, and I love purple(I have Eggplant Twiggy, WE, and Coin Purse:p).

    I think you should get Violet Work when it comes in because I think the quantity will be fairly limited, and you should wait until you have enough funds to get Marigold Twiggy:yes: