Almost complete - something else to occupy me before BonBon!

  1. Trying to complete my collection, so I just had to...I said I wouldn't get it cause it was so close to my Rose GM, but I put the 2 colors together last night (Rose GM and Parme PM) and they were not the same to me at all. I was waiting to get and finally did and the other, be nearing the end of my collection I had to - it would bother me if I did not have are my new additions!

    Parme GM and Grey GM.

    Yay! :wlae:Now W/L'ed for the Turquoises..

    Then all I will have left is Yellow GM & PM, Beige GM & PM and Rose PM.

  2. OMG Congrats !!! they are so hot and you have amazing LV's Gayle, I love everything you get :heart:
  3. congrats!
  4. you are on quite a roll lately
  5. Fabulous Gayle! I'm hoping that those don't have any separation issues like your amarante or black inclusions have? But they look just stunning! I love the GM sizes, and they do look just lush together. I love the grey with anything :heart:.

    Did your SA give you any idea as to when the turquoises might hit the stores?
  6. Beautiful :girlsigh: congrats!
  7. those are gorgeous together indeed!
  8. Pretty, congrats!!

    But no, the Rose PM is what is the closest, the Parme GM and Rose GM are noticeably different. :yes:
  9. WWOOWO... love them..:heart::tup:
  10. Wow, they are *GORGEOUS*. :drool:

  11. Thanks so much guys!!!!

    You are so sweet Steve, Thank you, you always make me smile :heart:333.

    Claire..yes, I have been a bad lil bee with LV. After June I NEED to hault a bit..I am NOT looking at the fall./winter. collections at all.

    Rebecca..I still must get the rose pm :yes: the others are similar, but a huge difference to the eye, i agree! either was bugging me not having this...close in color to others or not, lol.

    Hey, these have NO issues like that, they are PERFECT (thank god). I'm thinking it may be more of a darker color thing...or at least more severe with them. Thank you, I love them!

    I did ask and the word I got about the Turquoises...are they will start to be showing up in early march :tup: they are trickling in now in other items obviously, but the standard sized pm/gm bangles will be coming out a tad later. i also confirmed this with 866 too and they gave me the same info - hope they are off by a few days tho and they show up next week or something, best bet is to keep checking, for they will be here soon :yes:
  12. congrats!! they are stunning : )
  13. Yay! Inclusions are so fun. Congrats on the new additions!
  14. Gorgeous! Congrats!!!
  15. Congrats ..great purchases as per usual:woohoo: