Almost cheated on LV, but couldn't!

  1. I went to Barneys in Chi town to look at Balenciaga bags with the new giant hardware. However, no matter which one I tried on, my Manhattan PM that I brought with me still looked the best! I guess I am not ready to cheat yet, LOL. I still think Balenciaga bags are pretty, but just not the same.

    Anyone else thinking of cheating on LV? With which designer?
  2. i just did- i chose to buy a chanel pst over an lv batignolles horizontal last weekend. but i still love my lvs. infact, i might buy the bh today. :yahoo:
  3. Get the BH! It was my first LV and I love it! It started my obsession.
  4. I cheated recently...

    MY LV SA called and wanted me to come in and look at the new MC line. So I did..and she put a Rita on hold for me...but I couldn't take it home until Sunday. :sad:

    So I just HAD to leave the store with I went across the street to Gucci and bought a new bag, sunglasses, and shoes! (In Chitown too btw!)
  5. Oh I have cheated, and will continue to cheat!:nuts: I want a Chanel large flap bag, and cerf tote, and then there's Hermes....:girlsigh: Someday. There's a few other designers that I like too...Marni, Jimmy Choo, YSL, Miu Miu. But right now....I just don't know what it is but..... My :heart: belongs to LV!
  6. Yes! I'm thinking about getting the Hermes Cyclamen Evelyne PM!
  7. Oh I would definitely cheat for certain. I am in love with Chloe bags....particularly the Paddington. I've loved that bag for a while. I'm thinking that I am eventually going to HAVE TO GET IT!!!.....LOL

    I also love the Fendi Spy Bag. Hermes bags have always been a favorite of mine.

    I'm not loyal to Louis. I LOVE LV but am not loyal and if I see another bag by another designer that I love then I will get it if it's what I truly want.
  8. LV is pretty much my fave but I also love Chanel,would love to look at other brands too but there is no boutiques anywhere near me which makes it too hard.:crybaby:
  9. I bought a gucci a month or two ago (they have a GORGEOUS bag called the Pegy which is got!) and Now I am looking at 2 prada's and a balenciaga! And this is ON TOP of my never ending list of Louis item I want!
  10. I've never cheated on Vuitton.. on don't think I will... I love LV too much!
  11. I am not compeltely devoted to LV but I do find that I like a lot more of their bags than other dsigners... I am having a love affair with Gucci:shrugs:
  12. My main love is LV.....but I love all types and brands of bags. It's funny though, I have TONS of bags in my closet but haven't used any of them since I got my speedy last fall. When I do use another I immediately go back to my LV......nothing compares to it IMO.
  13. i still can't find a wallet i like more than my neon yellow prada. LV is def #1 for me, but i def dig some prada. mix and match is fun and you gotta go with what you like no matter what brand it is.

  14. The only other bags that I see that I say OMG, I have to have one, are the Balenciaga Giant Hardware bags...especially the French Blue color. Other than B bags, eh, nothing really excites me.
  15. I also cheated on LV with the pst over the weekend! But my BV is getting all the love right now!