Almost captured by a Kooba but I escaped!

  1. I don't understand why I am always on the hunt for another bag when I don't have time to wear the ones I already have???? It's so crazy. But there I was in Last Call (hoping to see nothing appealing) when from across the room I spied a gorgeous green Kooba! The green was summery but not gaudy and also not too dark: just perfect! The style of the bag was beautiful (green suede material inside) but I don't know what style name or season it is from. One strap, magnet flap, pockets on each side and one pocket under flap all with magnets. Do any of you know which one I am talking about? Anyway, although I am on a purse ban for the next few months, I had the sa hold it for me and I walked around to cool off. When I got back, the bag was still perfect (darn) so I lifted my Chameleon out of my mini city and put it in the Kooba (perfect fit, by the way) and put the bag on my shoulder. And that's when I was able to make my GREAT ESCAPE!!! It sat on my shoulder for as long as it took to land and start sliding off (about 1/2 a second!)!!!:yahoo: Thankfully, my slope shoulders SAVED me from the wrath of DH for another day!!!! But the bag was gorgeous!!! sigh....... Do any of you go through this or am I the only crazy one?????
  2. gee.... I go thru this all the time !!! But I would have bought the bag anyway- and then walked crooked just so it wouldnt slide off !!!!!!!!!
  3. Yes, there is a weird sense of relief when you find a reason NOT to buy a handbag you know you don't need. Sometimes it almost makes me feel better than when I cave and buy. I have (rarely) found myself looking for a reason not to buy a bag I love because I don't need it.
  4. Monica M: WHY didn't I think of that!!! LOL
    Fabae: You captured my feelings perfectly and I'm so glad I'm not alone!!

  5. What she said. :graucho:
  6. OMG cg - ALL the time. This has been a particularly bad year, in that I've bought 6 bags, and we're only in April. I'd have bought it, too...and then regretted it...and then loved it when wearing it out the next day. lol!
  7. I love the way you told your story and I can totally relate. I go through the same thing all the time. I see a bag I like at tPF or online somewhere and then go to see it in the store. I'm obsessing about it for days and then I'm so relieved when I find something I don't like about it. :sweatdrop:
  8. ditto!!