Almost but not quite!


Apr 8, 2008
Okay. I went to my local LV boutique today w/ my mom, I treated her to a fancy Mother's Day lunch and then gave her the LV aquarelle bandeau and RTW cardigan. The LV boutique had the Pegase 50 in Violette and I almost..... and I mean almost took her home!!! But, a little voice in my head said, "wait til you see the Vernis Alma Voyage MM and the Rodeo Drive before you take another plunge." So, I decided to pass in the mean time and will wait til Christmas to get a Vernis luggage. Has this happened to you guys and gals where you were ready to get something and then found yourself holding back in anticipation of new pieces coming out?


Jun 24, 2006
^ Lol, me too!!! How you could have held back I don't know.. after all, it could have become the basis of your luggage collection to which you could have added the Alma Voyageur Vernis and Rodeo Drive....... :graucho:

You must have the strength of a mountain lion! :biguns: