Almost Bought A White Large Ergo Tote

  1. today when I returned my white Andrea satchel. But I think I might want the white Ali. Does anyone own both types and which do you like best?
  2. I own an Ali (whiskey) and I own a large Ergo tote(turq). If I could only have one it would be the Ali, hands down!:yes: I also think the Ali looks awesome in the white.
  3. I have a Vintage Ergo Tote 11011 and I have a white Ali and a Whiskey Ali. I love them both. They are two totally different bags. I am wearing the Vintage Ergo Tote mostly now as it is my favorite bag. Love the Ali too. I just want a Mandy in Brown. I am writing Reed Krakoff at Coach tomorrow requesting it.:yes:
  4. I love both types, but I don't own either.

    Based on looks alone, I would choose the Ali. It is gorgeous in white, well, gorgeous in any color.
  5. I have both turquoise ergo tote and white Ali. White Ergo tote is spring/summery. I think white Ali is year round (some will not agree) it's not a bright white, not quite winter white either. Both are great.
  6. I have the white Ali. Its an awsome bag!