Almost bought a spy today!

  1. I really need help. I'm obsessed with handbags (like many of us here). I was online and saw a spy at a pretty good price, yet still very expensive. I went as far as the check out but didn't get it. If I got it, it would be my most expensive bag. I'm currently trying to save money for my trip to Vegas in April. Why do I feel the need to keep adding to my collection of handbags. I already own a ton. We can afford the bag, but my husband is currently deployed so I can't readily ask him for the bag and I'm not sure he would go for it anyways seeing how expensive it is. I did the right thing didn't I? I should just go for delayed gratification in Vegas, right?:confused1: Please tell me I'm not the only one out there!
  2. You'll win some $$$ in Vegas and then buy the bag.
  3. im in the same dilemma as you! my bf wants to go to london for valentines day (not paying for me). so i have to decide bag or vacation ... but i would definitely go for the vacation! :yes: especially if it is something both you and your husband can enjoy!
  4. Spys are unbelieveable bags, the trouble is you can never have just one, I know I collect them. If the bag was a good deal and you can afford it I would just go for it, but then it is a spy. If it was another bag probably would not get it and wait to see if I won in LV. Out of interest what colour was it?
  5. You did the right thing. Save for Vegas and shop at the forum at Ceasar's...Cross your fingers that you'll hit the slots and win and maybe you'll find something amazing on sale at Fendi or Gucci or LV there!! Maybe your husband will win and he'll pay for the bag for you!!
    If you're going to feel guilty about the purchase or end up fighting over the bag, it's probably not worth it anyway.....
  6. Totally agree with you. Save it for the vacation, besides, you may get a better deal later.
  7. 1) Buy the bag. It lasts longer :smile:
    2) Take a mini trip somewhere in your hometown, plenty of other things to do to have fun.
    3) You might lose in Vegas. Vegas can waits.
    4) Sell some of your old bags, to buy this bag and you get to go to Vegas too.
    5) Pretend it was just a dream; you never see that bag. And go back to your normal plan.