Almost Bought a Kooba Ginger Today!!!

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  1. Enough of this hideous purse ban!!!!! I can't stand it. I am going to cave in. So, my husband and I went to the local Off Fifth this afternoon to scout out the Koobas. I really thought that there might be a very very slim chance that a Jillian might be there. Wishful thinking. However, They had a Ginger that was originally $635.00 and they marked it down to a whopping $299.00. I thought that was amazing in of itself, but the best part of it was that I had my 30 percent coupon that expires tomorrow. That made it around $210 plus tax. What a steal! I made the sales person take that alarm thingy off so I could walk around with it, but I was amazed at how heavy it was. :sad:

    I usually don't stuff my bags to the brim, but the thought of lugging that beautiful heavy bag around made my shoulders hurt just thinking about it. Having fondled the Jillian many times, I know that bag is the right one for me. But don't you think that was an excellent deal? I gave my coupon to another woman who was shopping and she practically kissed me! So, the bottom line is......back to stalking a great Jillian for now!
  2. Yes! Enough with the purse ban! Enablers unite!

    It is great that you had the chance to try the Ginger out though, before you spent the money. No point in wasting $210 when you can wait for that Jillian that you know you'll love. I'm sure you saw that NM and Saks have started marking down their Jillians, though they are still pretty pricey. Maybe in another couple of weeks they'll come down again!

    BTW, I'm really impressed that your husband will go scout out Koobas with you!
  3. What great self control you have CR! :yes:
    $210 is definitely a GREAT deal for a Ginger, but if you're not going to use it, then it's definitely not a deal, no matter what the price. Unless of course, you sold it, which you could definitely make a profit from on ebay. I don't know how to sell stuff on ebay and the thought of trying makes me anxious and tired. LOL.

    Nice of you to give away your 30% off coupon. I woulda laid a big wet one on you too! :roflmfao:
  4. Ha, Ha! I take great comfort in both of your posts, youngster and jadejett! But I haven't been to the Saks in Ft. Myers lately, and the last time I was there, which was about 5 weeks ago, the Jillian was still $595, and they had the sand and bourbon, too. It's worth waiting for!!!!!!
  5. I have the Jillian and the ginger, although I'm going to sell the ginger when I get around to it. I think the Jillian is actually signifigantly heavier! Just something to think about.
  6. you really think the Jillian is significantly heavier??? I tried it on, and it didn't seem heavy at all. The Ginger was almost overwhelmingly heavy for me. The Jillian is so compact and I'd probably just put my wallet, sunglasses, phone, keys, and a lipstick in it. I would stuff a whole water bottle, perhaps a book and my makeup kit in addition in the Ginger.
  7. Compass, what a good deed, you can come shopping with me anytime...

    I've held the Jillian as well and found it heavy, especially as it's not all that big..that's what's holding me back from getting a black Carla on Bluefly, I'm sure the thing is gonna weigh me down..

    I'll never go on a purse ban, every time I try to deny myself something, the craving intensifies..and I've got nothing on you guys, I've only bought one Kooba this year (plus a Gucci clutch and some LV bits...and a mountain of shoes...)
  8. Wow - great deal on that Ginger! Can I ask what colors your local Off Fifth had in the Ginger? I may just head out to my local Off Fifth today anyway. I have been looking for a great deal on a Ginger or Ada, and this definitely fits the bill! I think the Ginger makes for a great tote for the summer.
  9. surlygirl...........I saw the Ginger in Chestnut. They had three of them on display. I'm so bummed that the weight of the bag deterred me, that I am still ragging on that subject.....what a beautiful bag, though, and for such a price!!
  10. Thanks so much, Compass Rose! I am definitely going to make the trip out to my local Off Fifth to see what they have. I love the Ginger in Chestnut. And I have the Paige, so I think my arm is numb to the weight of heavy bags! I'm also looking for an Ada. :shame:
  11. surly.....I love the Ada, too, but I always gravitate toward the Jillian because it is smaller. When I finally decide what to do, I'll surprise myself and probably get a Kooba that I wasn't even lusting over! :nuts: I watched the Paige at our Saks in Ft. Myers for a long time, too. Kooba bags are the best looking, by far.
  12. awww compass i hope you get your jillian soon!

    and you are SO incredibly sweet to give your 30% coupon to someone else. :tup:
  13. That was very sweet of Compass. It's always nice to share the savings with other shoppers! Sometimes I'll print out extras just for that purpose. Every bit of good shopping karma helps! :P
  14. Rose, I just posted 2 Jillians relatively cheap on ebay under the "Is the Ada Heavy" thread. They haven't even shown up in ebay search yet. I have ebay send me Kooba finds automatically that have been newly listed and it was in my mail.
  15. Thanks for the tip, Lexie! I fear that I am one that will buy in person, though.....instant gratification!! :yahoo: