almost at my wit's end with cat


Jan 16, 2006
My sammy is the sweetest cat. But he's getting old (16-17). He has a tumour in his ear that isn't treatable. It causes him to scratch the ear until it bleeds then he shakes his head and the blood splatter goes on the walls, sides of cabinets (all newly painted two years ago).
He also has bleeding on the exterior of his nose which the new vet said might be cancer.
He doesn't seem to be suffering - more just having some discomfort. So when DH has fits about the blood splatter I say "what do you want me to do, kill him?"

He also had a problem that I thought was resolved. Peeing outside his box. He did this several times. I took him to vet, ruled out physical causes. Tried Feliway, many other things. Finally put him on anxiety meds, which seemed to fix the problem. He has not repeated the behavior for about a year.

A week or so ago I took him to a new vet for a checkup. He peed in his carrier which I guess was anxiety. He's never done that before. I thought it was an isolated incident. This morning I noticed a pillow in the room where his litter box is which appears to have been peed on. Now I don't know if this may have happened the same day as vet visit and may not repeat. Or do we have a problem again?
I don't even want to tell DH. He will want the cat banished to the garage. I'm trying to figure out where I can dispose of that pillow w/o him seeing it.

I had a friend who euthanized her cat (after many vet visits, etc) for this problem. I don't want to do this but don't want our house ruined