Almost 5,000 posts and I'm buying something!

  1. LOL! As I near 5,000 posts I have decided that I'm going to buy my first pair of Coach shoes. It's between Jilly flats in black patent or Josie flats (off eBay) in black signature. I live a pretty casual lifestyle but I am in need of a pair of black flats that can be worn with jeans or nicer slacks. Which should I get?

    Here's the Jilly flat

    and Josie (borrowed pic from eBay) Anyone know the item number?
  2. buy the jillys they are 59 at the coach store and wayyyyyy comfier!!!
  3. I like the Jilly flats better.
  4. Maybe I should go for TWO pair of Jilly's???? Hmmm.....
  5. Teena, I absolutely love the Josie flats - adorable!!

    ETA: I think the style number is A2296 - not positive though...
  6. Coach shoes have become so cute!!! I like them both but comfort always wins for me...I'd go with the Jilly's if they're more comfy.
  7. josies are definitely not comfortable lol but i love them they are my fave pair of flats
  8. I got a pair! I got a pair in black!! Under $50!!! Woohoo!!! Hurray for 5,000 posts!!!
  9. NOW you're talkin'!!! :okay:
  10. LOL! I decided to behave and just order the one pair! My dh has been very tolerant of my bags but if I go crazy on shoes, I may be living outside with the horses! :push: :p
  11. Congratualations! Show us modeling pics!

  12. Thanks, mokoni! I'm still keeping an eye on these! I like the Janelle flats too!

  13. Congrats! I am keeping an eye on the Janelles as well. I was going to at least post to acknowledge my 1000 th post (and I guess my Heritage tote can be my purchase). Yesterday I saw I was in the mid 900's or so. But then I posted so much in the last 24 hours that I realized I am in the 1100's now. Whoops! :shame:
  14. I like the Josie or the Janelle flats because they are bit dressier so I think they would be more versatile than the more casual Jilly flats.
  15. Yeah, the Jilly's were just too cheap to pass up but the Janelle's are on my wish list! I'd order them today and get 25% off but my dh has given me 'the look' so I best stop while I'm ahead! LOL! I'm loving the Janelle's in black! The pink ones are cute too but I'm not sure I'd get enough use out of pink!