Almond Stam - Mine ALL mine! :)

  1. After lusting after this bag for what seems like forever & then trying to decide what colour to get, it's finally in my posession:

    :yahoo:I loooooove it! :love:




    My cat Trouble being his nosy self... :heart:
  2. congrats!! :yahoo:

    lovely lovely color! :love:
  3. Beautiful! And the cat too! The color is much nicer here than in the stock photos I've seen.
  4. It's soso gorgeous! I love the color. This is my favorite and really only style I like from MJ. Congrats on an amazzzzing bag :yahoo:

    Your cat is adorable.
  5. Gorgeous! And you took really nice pics too! Love the cat. Congratulations on your new purchase:yahoo:
  6. Very beautiful! Because of this thread, I'm going to pull out my stam for work tomorrow. It's about time I showed it off to the coworkers.

  7. You go girl!!!!!!

    SELFstyled: Gorgeous!!!!! Love the color! Congrats & enjoy!!!! :heart: Emmy
  8. Beautiful!! Congrats!!
  9. Selfstyled--This is absolutely gorgeous! Your kitty is adorable, too. Congrats!!!
  10. Excellent color that you can carry with all other clothing colors. I love it.
  11. Thanks girls! I can't stop staring at it haha. :girlsigh:
  12. :drool: i might have to get that colour for spring :graucho:
  13. Congratulations!! I love the stam!
  14. Love that color! I second those photos are well taken! Hope you enjoy! Its fun to lust after a bag and then finally secure it! Very excited for you!
  15. That is really beautiful! I love the color. Would love to see a picture of you carrying it!