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  1. i never like the style of the alma, but now i think im wanting one. i need a plain black bag, because i don't have one. so im thinking of a black epi alma for that...but i also like the damier and the white MC is really growing on me.

    i guess i could hold off to get black epi in another style but my question: the mc alma..damier alma (dont want mono) - do you love yours? easy to zip and get in & out of...what about the bottom of the bag, will the vachetta (on the mc) get super trashed if you don't treat it like baby?

    thoughts on your almas is well appreciated. ty.;)
  2. I don't own one yet but I'll vote for Damier out of the two. Great pattern for the shape and care free.
  3. I'd get a Damier Alma... it's hot and doesn't have vachetta at the bottom so you won't have to worry about taking THAT much special care of it! ;)
  4. I agree, I think the Damier is the way to go...the Alma is so pretty in Damier.
  5. Of the Almas I prefer the Damier- but if the shilouette just isn't for you, there are many other great black epi bags.
  6. i have the alma in damier and i love it! been using it for the past 4 weeks. that's a big deal for me since i change bags almost 2x a week. it's a great bag since there's no vachetta to worry about. you still have to be careful where you put it down, though since the leather at the bottom could get scratched. i've heard people complain that it's hard to get stuff out of and into the bag. but i must say, that's just the way the bag is constructed. not a big deal. it's a classic shape and very elegant. it's my favorite handheld lv so far.
  7. the Damier Alma looks REALLY good!!!
  8. ITA the Damier Alma is great. I like the mono too as well as black MC but alas every time I think I'm getting an Alma I go elsewhere...then I want the Alma again!
  9. The MC Alma is the bag that got me into the LV store. I love it! The vachetta on the bottom may need to be cared for a lot but other than that, it's fabulous.
  10. Oh I have a mono alma, and I love it to death! lol! I think if you don't want to worry,then the Damier is the way to go! But i find the black epi, oh soo beautiful!
  11. The alma is just so gorgeous. It´s what missing in my collection.
  12. I love the damier too, but if you want a black bag, maybe you should take the black epi... og maybe it's just me.... :confused1:
  13. I have the black MC Alma and love it :love:
    Easy to zip: not really, the zipper isn't as smooth as on f.e. my Speedys, probably because it's rounder.
    Easy to get in & out of: except for the zip, yes. WIDE opening, you'll find everything.
    Bottom: Mine still looks good and I don't baby it. But don't abuse it either ;)
  14. It's so funny that you posted this. I too am in search of a new classic black bag. And today, I saw like 3 Black Epi Almas, a bag that I've never paid attention to, and I fell in love. It went from being not-even-on-my-radar to my next purchase!
  15. I have a black epi alma and I love it!

    Looks great and holds a ton. Easy to get in and out of.

    It's one of the bags that I use the most!!