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  1. How silly would an Alma look on a guy?
  2. Hmmm why don't you model it for us to see ;)
  3. I would have to buy one first... I really like the shape and lines of them.
  4. It depends how you'll use it. IMO, the regular alma may look to feminine on a guy. The ALMA VOYAGE MM on the other hand will work because of its size. Just my $.02.
  5. Not sure about Alma, I think it is a little too feminine for a man. Maybe you can go to the store and make some pics there with an Alma and post it here for us to see?
  6. The Alma's round lines make it quite feminine looking. I think more square-ish bags work better for guys.

    The question of man-bags is pretty hard in general, IMO. I'm trying to find a bag my boyfriend would carry, so I don't have to lug all his stuff around. ;) You look very nice with your Speedy (I saw pictures in some other thread), but I don't think he would carry one.

    (The Voyage is a whole other matter, of course, but I assume you meant the handbag.)
  7. The fact that the Alma is a structured bag and also is curved/rounded makes it too feminine for a man, in my opinion.
  8. No I think the Alma is a woman's bag.
    Speedy for men,I like size 35 and 40..
    but a 25 on a man is a no-no IMO!
  9. i dun prefer men getting a speedy .
  10. Gosh, I'm awful with these questions since I look at LV as LV and do not even consider if they are for any particular sex. But that's just me. Life is too short...Lovin' the idea of an Alma no doubt about that!
  11. Not sure about Alma... but the speedy will be wonderfulllll...
  12. Alma's rule! It totally depends on the person IMO. We'd have to see pics to properly decide. I like the design a lot - I haven't seen it IRL so I don't know exactly how big it is - I dunno how it would look on me...
  13. Alma MM would be fine
  14. Would you use it as a suitcase or an everyday bag?
  15. very. :nogood: get a Neverfull instead.