Alma with strap?

  1. How does Alma look with a shoulder strap added? Anybody have any pics? (Or is this a big no-no, like speedy with a strap? I noticed a lot of people here do not like speedy with a strap! :p)
  2. I do not like Alma with a strap especially the way that it is positioned!
  3. I had an Alma with a strap in its dustbag in case of emergencies when both hands are required. Besides the Alma comes with the hardware to wear with a strap. Wish I had pics to share. My Alma was many years ago before TPF.:shame:
  4. i cant really imagine it looking "good"
    maybe for practicallity, but it doesnt seem attractive.. IMO
  5. The Alma already has the D-rings on the handles for a strap to be attached unlike the Speedy. I had the Alma with the strap which I always feel is very useful!!! But I sold my Alma because I didn't like how the shape got distorted when there were alot of items inside the bag. Again, the Alma is set-up to have a strap. LV should add the D-rings to the Speedy handles, IMO.
  6. I have an Epi Myrtille Alma with matching straps. Actually looks okay with the strap on and wearing it messenger style or just on the shoulder. I only use the straps when I really need it especially when I am shopping. The Alma looks better hand-held, but I do leave the straps on hanging outside the bag since I like the look of it.